I'm partial to the classics...

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I'm partial to the classics...

...especially the quotables, like the 120 point black-letter headline in The Detroit Free Press of June 21, 1995:


The heavily-favored Red Wings had just lost a third period lead, and Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals, their second straight loss on home ice, and now they had to go on the road to the Brendan Byrne Arena and try to re-group against the upstart New Jersey Devils.

The Red Wings... my Red Wings... couldn't do it against Coach Jacques Lemaire's neutral-zone trap strategy, and were swept in four games.

Well, New Jersey, back atcha!

Two games in and the upstart Los Angeles Kings, who were the final seed in the Western Conference, are headed back for Game Three at the Staples Center, halfway to raising their first ever Stanley Cup!

An 0-2 deficit is not insurmountable... but I don't like the Devils' chances, and I sing the Kings!


1. Hampton West said...

Comparing the Kings to the Rangers: the Ranger defense seemed to play back, conceding the blueline to the Devils, as to say "Go ahead and shoot, and if we don't block it Henrik will," unless of course he was having an off night.

The Kings seem to come out and challenge for the blue line, reducing the number of good Devils scoring opportunities.

Look forward to Game 3.

Low-scoring, tight-tight-tight games...little room on the ice. Not the most exciting hockey, but effective.

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