Can there be a less honorable calling...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Can there be a less honorable calling...

...than that of politics? I mean, really!

Demos Withdraws From Congressional Race

...blared a headline late this afternoon on 27East.

This comes two days after Randy Altschuler's George Demo attack mailer hit the mail boxes of Republican and Conser­vative voters throughout New York's First Congressional District.

This isn't the best news that's come my way this week... right now I am left with the far-from-appetizing choice this November of either Altschuler, a demonstrable liar and carpetbagger, and too-many-terms Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop, as unseemly a slug and unabashed Nancy Pelosi sycophant as there is on the East Coast.

Not that I was all that hot on Demos to begin with... but after reading his withdrawal statement of today, I'm even less so!

"Everyone who knows me knows of my deep commitment to public service and to being a strong voice for the Conser­vative cause. Equally, everyone who knows Chrysa and me, knows of our deep commitment to each other and the joy we are sharing in preparation for our wedding a week from now.

These two facts have now come together. Both my impending marriage and my race for Congress are deeply important to me. But our marriage comes first."

What are you saying here, George? Next week's wedding came as a surprise to you?

(I don't think so... the New York Post had it on Page Six last December!)

Altschuler's response is even more disingenuous:

"...George and I ... share a common goal – and that is defeating Obama rubberstamp, incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop, and bringing an end to his job-killing agenda that has badly hurt the people of Suffolk County."

Honest-to-Pete Klotz, can there be anything more "job-killing" than Altschuler's off-shore out-sourcing?

The candidate's contempt for the intelligence of the 1st CD voters is palpable!

There's more to this matter than the press releases are saying!

Another aspect of this is the recent failures of the South­ampton Town Republican Party, William Wright Committee Chairman fronting for Marietta Seaman, to look out for its own GOP candidates.

Demos' exit comes hot on the heels of the County GOP's failure to re-nominate incumbent Acting Supreme Court Justice Gary Weber in November's election.

Frank Crowitz and Rudy Kammerer are rumbling in their graves!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

Maybe Mr. Demos has less of a spleen than you, dearest. Altschuler is one rotten creep.

Let's see if Mr. Demos learned his lesson.

2. Hunt Marchwald said...

The GOP screwing of Gary Weber is akin to the "New Coke" lesson - if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Weber was a shoe in. Let's see how Democrat Rouse does.

What are you, the new kid at the carnival? With the GOP abandoning Weber for Brookhaven Superintendent of Highways John Rouse, that County Court Judge's race is already over... in truth, all the Judgeships everywhere have already been decided in the smoke-filled backrooms.

I think the last Suffolk County Primary for a position on the bench was waged by District Court Judge Marquette Floyd almost 25 years ago... and while he didn't win, his challenge embarrassed the power brokers enough that a year later he was given the nod for Supreme Court Justice.

What's odd about Gary's getting dumped, is that he knows how the game is played, and has been playing it for more than 40 years since he started out as an ADA under George Aspland.

For his part, Rouse, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Starr Boggs, makes quite a jump from maintaining Brookhaven's roads to maintaining decorum in the court room... I suspect that he has embarrassing photos of someone very influential.
– Dean

3. 1340 said...

And they couldn't find a robe to put on Mr. Malone? He must be in a fetal position crying somewhere.

  1. Suffolk's Conservatives don't swing the arse on the County-wide level that they do in the Towns.
  2. Jimmy's temper tantrum reported earlier this year didn't help him... the higher-ups are realizing that he's not ready for the power of a robe.

4. Hampton West said...

My son and myself both saw our IT jobs shipped to India. I was lucky, I was old enough to get a pension - my son? One year and still looking. Thanks Randy.

This entire NY1 race stinks this year... and the worst (which is like all of them) will probably get away with it.

Hell, in this climate, Nixon would have gotten away with Water Gate even if the 18 minutes had never gone missing.
– Dean

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