Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

"Salesman talking to me
Trying to run me up a creek
Say you can buy it, go w'an try it
You can pay me next week. Hah!"
  – Chuck Berry, Too Much Monkey Business, 1956

hah, indeed! Round One of the 2012 "Silly Season" arrived via U.S.P.S. just now, and I almost keeled over on the lawn when I saw the Randy Altschuler mailing!

Just how much contempt for First Congressional District Republicans can one candidate display? The mind boggles!

2012 Randy Altschuler campaign mailing

On the flip side, the mailer asserts:

"George Demo's SLEAZY campaign is being funded with bags of money from out-of-state liberals...."

"Sleazy?" Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!

I've never met George Demos, and I don't know much about the man... except that the charges in Altschuler's cur­rent campaign mailer reek of desperation and disingenuity.

Nah!, on second thought, screw "disingenuity!" Altschuler's a liar as well as unprincipled and unoriginal.

Candidate Altschuler is a former Green Party member from New Jersey who, when he couldn't secure GOP backing for a Congressional bid there, unpacked his carpetbag in the Smithtown area, dropped a bundle of his off-shore lucre in a successful Primary race two years ago, and in the final certified House race of 2010, lost to long-time incumbent Tim Bishop by a 50.15% to 49.85% margin.

While I have never been a fan of Tim Bishop for a myriad of reasons (which have regularly been chronicled by OtBB, I have an unalterable abhorrence of liars.

Yeah, there's "political spin," but today's mailing exceeds "spin" by an exponential factor... especially given that the charges leveled are more applicable to Altschuler than Demos!

And the stoopid bastid... and to think I once considered Jimmy Kametler the biggest cementhead I'd ever met!... tried to buttress his allegations with...

"(FactCheck: Official Federal Election Commission Records)"

Really? Do a search of Fact for either "George Demos" or, for that matter, "Randy Altschuler."

I didn't think that Demos was going to be much of a factor in this year's NY1 Congressional Race... clearly Altschuler disagrees, and has tried to launch a pre·emptory nuclear strike against his Primary opponent.

I think that warhead just exploded in Altschuler's own silo!


1. EastEnd68 said...

"George Demos, a Republican from Ronkonkoma who had been campaigning to unseat Democratic U.S. Representative Tim Bishop, announced on Friday afternoon that he is withdrawing from the race to focus on his wedding."

You don't link to your source, but he's more from the East End than Ronkonkoma, #1, and, #2, I'm on it.
– Dean

2. Hampton West said...

Must have worked. Demos reported dropped out!!!

You'll note that I'm on it.

3. EastEnd68 said...

Sorry – thought when I copied 27East would show as the source.

Hey!, we're talkin' 27East here!

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