Sign Wars...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sign Wars...

A blog-reader reports:

"I drove from Westhampton to Hampton Bays today, and later from East Quogue to Hampton Bays... almost every other 'phone pole has a Heaney sign. He is definately winning the 'sign wars.' But with all of that money, is that all he could think of... more signs??????"

Well, if he has the money to spend... and he does... how else would he spend it at this late date? Trucks with loud speakers? Airplanes with banners?

It's all about "perception" at this point, and incumbent Supervisor Patrick "Skip" Heaney is fighting for the Republican votes which would ordinarily go to upstart GOP candidate Linda Kabot. If enough of Mr. Heaney's signs are out there the day before the election, the percep­tion desired by his campaign is that he has at this point surged into the lead, and that Mrs. Kabot's candidacy is foundering if not actually going down by the bow!

Best Town-wide election in years!


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