Hooters and whoopers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hooters and whoopers

It was either appalling or I've just gotten too old!

On our way back from sundry family matters in Pennsyl­vania over the weekend, coming up the New Jersy Turnpike Monday afternoon, the big story on WCBS and WINS1 was the President's commencement address at once prestigious Barnard College.

Obama To College Women: 'You Can Be Stylish And Powerful'

It was the sound bytes of the ±600 students carrying on like a bunch of Presbyterian Church ladies loose at the old Oliver Twist Inn for Thursday male strippers night2!

(Or the off-screen "studio audience" at one of Lisa Fox's podcasts!)

Barnard College Class of 2012

Now I realize that Barnard is "women-only3" and there is a certain natural exuberant release after four years of knuck­ling down with the books, but really!

Decorum seems not to have been one of the elective courses at Barnard.

(Full video of the President's address.)

  1. I would've preferred WFAN, but Jeanne needed the traffic updates on 880 and 1010.
  2. While the Rev. Donald M. Havrilla and his soul-saving congregants of the Southampton Full Gospel Church picketed outside!
  3. Jeez Louise Pell, even the Barbizon Hotel for proper young women has been co-ed since 1981!


1. Rob F. said...

"Four years of knuckling down with the books?" I'm guessing you haven't been on a liberal arts campus in some time.

Well, not since 2005... and then I covered my eyes.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

My daughter Kate graduated just this past weekend from UPenn with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. There was a subset of graduates with the degree of "Master of Applied Positive Psychology"(!) that made the Barnard graduates seem "positively" demure. I hypothesized at the time they must have been on some happy drug....

But... But... but... UPenn is UPenn, an Ivy League co-ed university with over 21,000 students, while Barnard is a private women's liberal arts college, a member of the Seven Sisters, with an enrollment of less than 2,200 of what are supposed to be right-thinking and refined young ladies.

I was shocked, shocked!, I tell you, listening to that all the way up the New Jersey Turnpike!

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