Westhampton Beach School District

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Westhampton Beach School District

The outlook wasn't bright for much of a turnout with the dreary weather today, but over 800 intrepid voters made it to Westhampton Beach High School to cast their ballots to decide which former Board of Education member would succeed the retiring Beecher Halsey, and to decide the fate of the cap-piercing school budget.

(Because the proposed budget, with a 2.89% increase, exceeded the State-mandated 2%, a three-fifths ma­jority was necessary for passage.)

With more than 820 District residents making their way to the polls... up from 670 a year ago... the final results were:

Unofficial results of the May 15th Vote
Measure Yes No
School Budget 521   300  
Library Budget 540   281  
Board of Education Election
Gordon Werner: 422   Joyce Donneson: 352  

With 63.5% of the voters approving the school budget, the 60% majority necessary to pierce the cap was achieved.


1. Ed Kurosz said...

"Unofficial results of the Tuesday, May 15th vote!"
Nooo... I have way too much to accomplish before the weekend for it to already be Thursday, May 17th!
Thanks, Ed... fixed.

Now that you've been afforded a two-day bonus, get to it!

2. Crabby said...

Count me among the disgruntled group tired of the spendthrift ways of the school and library. This isn't for "the children." The kids were used again to "stack the deck" by having an event that involved the youngest to the eldest, affording the district's younger voters and parents multiple opportunities to show up at the polls in the back halls of the school.

When do we stop overspending? When do the unions and the superintendent "give back" to this community for their jobs? When do the voters of the district get a transparent and detailed analysis of how the money we're throwing at them is being spent? Where is money going for the library? Good grief, they're bankrupting us.

The only good to come out of this travesty was that I had a hard time deciding whom to vote for the school board; and I hope that Ms. D runs for another office, soon.

I suspect that the "event" you reference was the Elementary School Band and Chorus Concert at the District Auditorium which went off at 7:00 p.m.

To suggest that the concert was purposely scheduled to draw a larger number of parents of school age children out to vote is interesting and, now that I think about it, likely: the fiends! Such a "rigging" (as in giving one side a greater advantage rather than "putting in the fix") of the election has happened in the past; I think back to the year (Jeanne Waller was the Librarian) the School Board made the Library hold a separate vote on a different date and at the Library because they foresaw a defeat for the WLF budget and didn't want to jeopardize passage of the school budget. And then more recently during the Schwartz regime when a Board member somehow accessed a large number of parents' E-dresses and used them to urge passage of ballot measures.

3. Champ19 said...

I'm with Crabby on this. It is perhaps fortunate the weather was so lousy and held down the voter turnout or the outcome may have been different. It is clear this is a gold-plated school district reminding me of the old days of the tales of the Shoreham-Wading River Schools with their carpeted hallways. Until the Nuke plant did'nt nuke.

By the way. Did anyone besides me note the salary of the "Assit. Supt. for Personnel/Staff Dev" at $165,200 or the "Dir. of Pupil Personell Svcs" at $144,315"? What in heavens name do these people do? These people are paper pushers, overhead as far as I can see, which may not be very fair, but do away with these two jobs(?) and in three years we have saved almost onw million dollars if you include the benefits package.

Way overdue for the overhead in this school district to be be slashed.

You raise good questions... apparently not too many parents can read a budget.

4. Linesider36 said...

The Speonk And South Speonk School had their Spring Concert as well last night. The halls were jammed with concert goers as well as ballot stuffers.


5. Crabby said...

Westhampton Beach Mayor Teller took a voluntary 50% cut in salary. How about showing us the same courtesy, school personnel? Those of us here in the real world are working extra hours without reimbursement, paying more for our health insurance, and working harder to keep our companies, therefore our jobs, afloat.

While we're at it, now that we have a new Librarian, can we finally find out where on earth "Library Trustee for Life" Joan Levan is apportioning our money? Previous financial records have been extremely muddy and conflicting. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are unaccounted for. They could take some accounting lessons from the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center, whose financials are perfection. How about it, Ms. Zubiller?

Village Trustee Hank Tucker is on the Library Board. Isn't this a conflict by placing financial control in too few hands? I think he should stand down.

Further, are any local public figures receiving bid-free contracts for services at the Library? If so, why is this not a matter of public record?

The controlling players depend upon a population of lemmings.

– Dean

6. Coach K said...

WHB teachers took a 1% cut in pay.

Really? Newsday, to the extent that it is a reliable source, reports:
"Teachers would get an average salary increase of 2 percent, plus a 2.86 percent step increase."

7. Jeanne Speir said...

Congrats to Gordon Werner, from my alma mater....

8. Crabby said...

Are they paying more than 1% of their health insurance?

My daughter works for a hospital, and her employee monthly payments have skyrocketed.

How about the superintendent-super salaried? Did they "give back" anything. It's appalling.

Jeez, I remember a time when no one went into the education field because the money was so poor.

9. Coach K said...

Add this to your list of reasons as to "Why I hate Newsday."


10. Crabby said...

Here's a little math problem:

Given: x= There are a total of 1,800 kids enrolled in the Westhampton Beach School District.

Given: y= The school budget just exceeded $50,000,000.

Therefore: the cost per student EQUALS= ?

Answer: ($27,777 per student per year.)

Anyone who thinks this is "All for the kids," is delusional.

Um, my math isn't that good (didn't attend local high school), but if the District in getting $20,000 per student from feeder districts, then we're losing money!

11. Coach K said...

Last time I checked the feeder districts only send students to Westhampton Beach from seventh grade forward. East Moriches from ninth grade forward. You are correct, your math is a bit off.

If'n you have something important to say, try and be a bit more forthcoming.

12. Crabby said...

Coach, a little more info, as you know the system please. First, what number on average of students are coming in from the feeder districts?

Second, do their parents get to vote on the budget, or is confined to the Weshampton Beach voters?

Third, what percentage of our Westhampton Beach Union Free School District students go to college?

I tried to find this data on line, and didn't succeed. Thanks.

G'luck with getting anything meaningful of more than a dozen syllables out of Coack K!

#2, however, is a "No."

13. Linesider36 said...

And the feeder districts don't get a vote.

Well, they do in their own School Districts, which would decide the make-up of their own District's Board of Education as well as their own budget, etc.

14. Coach K said...


You seem like the type that needs exact numbers and the questions you pose call for them. I can estimate, but that does your cause no good. Call each district business office and ask the attendance number and call WHB guidance and ask for the college enrollment info.

Said the man talking with a paper anus.

Those who proffer figures without citations, need to offer chapter and verse when called on it. Crabby asked for specifics... your specifics. Neither the District Business Office nor the Guidance Office made the comment. You might just as well as have said, "Dunno, it's what I heard somewhere...."

15. Coach K said...

Not quite, chief. Crabby was asking for info above and beyond what I had brought to this discussion, you know it and I know it. He/ she can do their own research. The statements I made earlier were fact, pure and simple. If you are not aware of them or don't understand them, I suggest you and Crabby make the call to the district offices a conference call.

You say it's fact, who knows? I'm not going to do your research for you.

16. Crabby said...

I have to agree with the Blogmeister here, Coach. If you are going to make assertions as "fact," you need to back up your comments, usually at the time you make your assertions; if not then, when someone requests them. Not only is it polite, it supports your position.

I believe I asked nicely and gave you "props" for being knowledgable while the rest of us are in the dark.

C'mon, dude, dish!

As I commented previously, I already tried, and found the Internet website information on my questions was a closed shop; probably because we'd be horrified with the waste of our tax dollars.

What are you afraid of? Or are you intellectually lazy? If so, I hope you're not a teacher. Being a "Coach" is pretty scary too, if you haven't the synapses to support what come off as your suppositions.

Parents, beware!

That's farther than I would have gone... I'm simply unwilling to have, unsupported, the courage of someone else's convictions.

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