Post Time 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Post Time 2012

The deadline for nominating petitions to have been filed with the Clerk of the Village of Westhampton Beach Rebecca Molinaro has passed, and there's good news for Mayor Conrad Teller... he's running unopposed!

There are, however, three standing for two vacancies on the Board of Trustees... Leola "Sue" Farrell having decided to not run for a second term...

  • Deputy Mayor Tony Jo Birk, who collected 72 names on her petition after having delayed her decision to run for reëlection while dealing with the death of her mother.
  • Charles Palmer Jr., running under former Trustee Joan Levan's Lightning Party aegis, is making his second bid for the Village Board, having lost to Mrs. Birk (354) and Ms. Farrell (313) with 281 votes.
  • Ralph Urban, a local fellow recently retired from teaching, is making his first try for public office, and is also on the Lightning Party petition.

Palmer and Urban turned in 106 names in support of their nominations, second in signatures to Mayor Teller's 112.

In statements provided earlier this week to Westhampton-Hamp­ton Bays Patch, both Lightning Party candidates said that they are running "to give back to the community."

It was unclear if Palmer was including on his inventory of good and services to "give back" or repay, the many des­serts he scammed at Friday evening kiddush at Hampton Synagogue and the household garbage he routinely added to his neighbors' dumpster.


1. EastEnd68 said...

I assume Charlie will not be getting your vote.

He's been one of Levan's flunkies from the jump, and the last thing the Village needs is another "what can the Village do for me?" on the Board. One Kametler a lifetime is enough!

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