May Village Board Meeting

Thursday, May 03, 2012

May Village Board Meeting

Permits for Outdoor Dining and Music dominated the monthly meeting of the Westhampton Beach Village Board this evening, primarily focussing on Simon Jorna and his Beach Bakery Cafe in the center of Main Street.

While much verbiage was read into the record in the form of resolutions for this year and from previous years, and imposing new restrictions on the size of the tables Jorna may place on the sidewalk in front of his premises, the Village Board, with the commendable exception of Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk, folded like a pup tent in a line squall.

Ms. Birk, having read the 2011 resolution... virtually word-for-word that of 2010... allowing the bakery its outdoors activities, had quietly but clearly hit the wall with Jorna's lack of progress in remedying his long-outstanding Code violations.

(Village Law says that Code violations be remedied by a property owner before applications can be heard or approvals granted.)

Jorna, and his latest attorney J. Bradford Kenealy (who has represented him since last August) took the position that the necessary actions are on-going, but that they "take time."

When Jorna complained that Beach Bakery was being given a later starting time (7:30 pm) than previously for outdoor music, Village Attorney Richard Haefeli sharply responded that the Board's authority was "discretionary."

Approval for the permits for Outdoor Dining and Music were conditioned on Jorna meeting with the Village Planning Board next Thursday and obtaining their approval for the reduced-size tables and chairs.

In a separate matter, the Board retained the services of Hermon Bishop as Special Counsel to pursue an appeal of Associate Village Justice J. Lee Snead's dismissal of a Sign Code violation against Shock Ice Cream and its proprietrix Elyse Richman in respect to her six-foot ice cream cone sculpture.

(Mr. Bishop is a former Village Trustee and Village Attorney who also acts as Prosecutor in Village Justice Court.)

Outdoor Dining Permits were authorized or renewed for The Sandwich Club, Whitney's Delicatessen and Café Mambo, while Outdoor Music Permits were granted to Shock Ice Cream, Starr Boggs, Funcho's Fajita Grill and Wetter or Not.

The Village Board also authorized $3500 for the construc­tion of a deck extension at Rogers Beach Pavilion, up from a previous figure of $2450.

Part time Department of Public Works laborers Lee Kerns and Raymond Swanson were appointed, as well as a variety of seasonal personnel to staff the Village Marina, the two Village Beaches and the Police Department both as Officers and Traffic Controls.

There being no further business before the Village Board and no Executive Session, the meeting was struck at 7:47 pm.


1. Eastend68 said...

Hate to admit it but this time the Village is picking on Elyse. The issue is dead.

  1. That's what Elyse would have you think... but then that what Elyse would always have you think.
  2. No, the issue is far from dead... and when the rest of the facts are made known, whether the Village should even have a Justice Court will be the issue.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

But... but... I liked the Ice Cream Cone Art!

Not the issue.

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