A Closer Look at Jim Henry...

Monday, November 05, 2007

A Closer Look at Jim Henry...

Asked of Southampton Town Democratic Supervisor candidate Jim Henry in a Hamp­tons.com interview:

"What national issues do you think have local ramifications here in Southampton?

JH: The environmental issue is major. This is clearly a crisis. The arctic ice cap last summer lost 40 percent of its size. We’re seeing impacts all over. We can’t just take it for granted that some national body of government is going to take the lead on this. We have to do whatever we can on a local level to make it a priority for private citizens and businesses and government institutions to clean up our emissions and to conserve.

And responsiveness in government. Many people are feeling that the government is just not responsive to their needs. And just having a strong, ethical culture in our government. And protecting civil rights and liberties. It’s conservative to protect the Bill of Rights. There’s nothing liberal about that. So there are a lot of issues that we face that mirror the issues we face on a national level."

So, are we to infer that the candidate doesn't feel that illegal immigration, which Mr. Henry (and Ms. Throne-Holst) have been saying all along the campaign trails is a national problem, has a local ramification?!?

Is Mr. Henry so stuck in the unHampton that he's never seen the matutinal "shape-ups" at the Southampton and Westhampton 7-Eleven stores?!?

Another cautionary sign...

...from the candidate's own Website:

"A newcomer to politics, Jim prides himself on bringing an independent, "Bloomberg"-style problem-solving approach to South­ampton Town."

Exactly what is not needed in Southampton Town, a well-heeled wealthy Democratic who thinks the answer to every problem is to throw money at it... and, as usual, it would be the taxpayers' money!

An indication of one "problem" at which Mr. Henry would throw our tax dollars may be found in the browser address window when visiting the candidate's Website at www.votejimhenry.com/EN. Note the "EN" part. That represents "English" and suggests that if there isn't also a votejimhenry.com en español, one was certainly anticipated.

A requirement of United States Citizenship is:

  • The ability to read, write and speak English

The Left loves to scream "Racist" and "Hate" no matter how the subject is broached, but I am unalterably opposed to anyone whose comprehension of our native tongue is limited to whether a candidate is going to use public funds to construct a hiring hall for their rela­tive(s)... whether those relatives are named "Javier," "Stanislaw" or "Dmitriy."


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Sigh. No, you can't infer anything from an interview snippet. The guy's a Harvard graduate, is not, to our knowledge, engaged in back door deals, has promised to work to correct the reassessment disaster that's putting seniors further into debt. Henry still stands for what we ALL stood for years back -- asserting our Constitutional rights. The political "Right," (with whom you seem to clearly identify yourself above), LOVE to carry on and complain vociferously about the awful "Left." Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. Sounds like all that crashing thunder is booming from the Right side of the political spectrum, not the Left. I agree voting should be in American English only. I say this quietly and with good will from the Left side of the aisle.

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