You want 'sexy' in a video...?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

You want 'sexy' in a video...?

...I submit that nothing approaches Ronnie Spector in 1986's interestingly shot Eddie Money "Take Me Home Tonight" video to which the lead singer of the seminal '60s "girl group" The Ronettes, adds her remarkable voice with a refrain1 from the trio's 1963 #2 hit, "Be My Baby."

(Not as freaky as Tupac Shakur performing "live" as a faux-hologram earlier this month more than 15 years after his death, but eerie... and cool!)

I was never particularly big on "girl groups," but there was always something compelling about the Ronnie Spector (née Veronica Yvette Bennett in 1943) voice once one got beyond the heavy eye-liner and the beehive coiffure.

Ronnie Spector, circa 1971

Not especially attractive, she was how­ever, possessed of a terrific shape, and at age 43, after years of seclusion enforc­ed by a deranged husband, she lent her vocal and visual presence, mostly in silhouette, to Money's 3½ minute video.

But watch her writhe and undulate her way from a dressing room along a cinder block corridor to the arena where Money is performing on a bare stage with just a metal ladder and a folding chair.

In the parlance of today, she's hot! That's the type of walk men would unconsciously follow blocks off their intended route.

Ronnie Spector has survived an interesting life, from the happier times as the central figure in a hugely popular rock 'n' roll trio with cream-of-the-crop lovers like early British invaders Keith Richards and George Harrison, to an abusive 11 year professional and personal relationship with bull goose loony/convicted murderer Phil Spector.

(She must at times reflect that she made it through six years of marriage to the man and the hapless Lana Clarkson didn't last an evening.)

While the Money/Spector video may never show up on VH1's 50 Sexiest Video Moments, right now it's #1 on mine, and anything Madonna ever did doesn't even begin to register.

  1. It's actually the chorus part sung in the original by her sister Estelle Bennett and cousin Nedra Talley.


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