Roy just called and said...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Roy just called and said...

"This is Roy Scheider and I think Linda Kabot's support of Skip Heaney's extreme right wing policies on immigration are an embarrassment...."

Never heard the rest of his message! Just that little part confirms the worst fears about what the success of the Jim Henry and Sandra Dunn candidacies would mean for Southampton Town.

Just what I wanted from a 75-year-old actor from Noo Joisey! Yeah!, so he lives East of the Canal now, and fancies himself a big-time political activist because he laid down on Montauk Highway to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq, but his sole claim to anything else is that he portrayed a cowardly Police Chief in "Jaws" 30+ years ago!

It may be too late for the Bonackers to take back East Hampton, but for the love of Mike Kammerer, let's not allow the "Radical Leftists" and "NeoCons" to get any such foothold in Southampton!


1. Matlynn Carville said...

First--I am a registered Democrat yet vehemently against illegal immigrants and their issue remaining here. That established, I'm SO sorry to see you've lost your neutrality and have started assigning blame to the "Neocons" and the "radical left" for supporting illegal immigration. Especially when you KNOW and I know and everybody knows the 'middling' "Right" AND the 'middling'"Left" BOTH frequent the 7-11s for a cheap and illegal labor pool, and tradesman have been abusing this source of cheap labor for years. I took Spanish classes in college EIGHT years ago because I couldn't communicate with many of the people out here. This is NOT a new problem. In this oh-so-Republican stronghold, it WAS THEIR problem, it IS their problem, and they chose/choose not to address it-- because it's a loose cannon. Whoever wins this race will be stuck with this mess (Kind of like the apres Bush President.) My sympathies. I'm glad that we're starting to pay attention to this monster issue. Coupled with a fragile economy, the last thing we need is a dirt cheap labor force taking jobs and benefits from our citizenry. But I assure you, we all had a hand in creating this Catch 22.

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