For the lust for a blonde...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

For the lust for a blonde...

Jessica Dorrell

...a Major College Football Program is, if not lost, then seriously impaired!

The blonde is tall, toothy and morally problematic 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell, a Uni­versity of Arkansas employee who doubled as sexual consort to 51-year-old Razorback football coach, Bobby Petrino.

That "inappropriate relationship" has cost Petrino his job.

More accurately, Patrino's lying about that relationship and the circumstances of a motorcycle accident in which Ms. Dorrell was his passenger, caused the otherwise success­ful coach to be terminated Wednesday afternoon.

(The lessons of Nixon and Watergate seem to have been lost on this Nation.)

How this impacts on his marriage in which he is a father of four and grandfather of one, is another matter entirely.

By any measure Patrino has enjoyed great success at both Arkansas (34-17 over four years, 11-2 in 2011) and the University of Louisville where he was 41-9 in the previous four seasons.

But even the powerful... think big money... Razorbacks boosters club, who are distraught at losing the Cotton Bowl-winning coach, couldn't save the man's bacon.

Karen Cunagin Sypher

But that U. of Louisville connection tickled my memory, as it was just three years ago that celebrated basketball coach Rick Pitino who less than two weeks ago took the Cardinals to the NCAA Final Four, was enmeshed in a sex scandal of his own with another blonde, then 44-year-old Karen Cunagin Sypher.

It was Pitino himself who went public with the 2003 hook-up when he went to police with a complaint that he was being extorteded by Sypher as a result of a sexual epi­sode after hours in an Italian restaurant in Louisville.

In getting ahead of the story, Pitino not only kept his job and saved his marriage, but Sypher is presently serving an 87 month prison jolt after her trial on extortion charges.

As for Patrino's future, while it's far from rosie, he'll get hired somewhere sometime by some university looking to turn their football program around.

Some Board of Trustees out there will overlook his absence of personal integrity... not just the lying about his em­barrassing hanky-panky, but his utter lack of character in repeatedly breaking professional contracts... cough dis­creetly, look the other way and hire the man.

The promise of a winning football program trumps all other considerations when alumni contributions begin to dry up.


1. Hampton West said...

Dean; it's really pathetic - college sports is a real sewer and it just gets worse. I'm sure there are legit programs out there but the sleaze gets all the attention.

As it is with any subject... "if it bleeds it leads."

2. Champ19 said...

This guy Petrino is the personification of the hypocrisy in big time NCAA sports. Hampton West is right on. Sewer is too kind a word.

From the myth of the "student athlete" to these coaches who are worshipped, and paid, like Gods, the entire reason for having scholastic sports has been so corrupted and long since lost in the world of ESPN money and Las Vegas odds-makers. As you say, Dean, Petrino has the morals of a snake. And there were reportedly thousands of Petrino supporters urging the athletic director to rescind decision to fire this lying and cheating scoundrel. You wonder how enthusiastic they would be if his record were 2-11 instead of 11-2. You know the answer to that.

I don't usually pay any attention to college sports, but I love to see these hypocrites succumb to the inevitable. Of course, as you say, some other corrupt "program" will pick him up out of the gutter and give this jerk maybe even more money. Gee, I wonder how many wounded warriors could be supported with scholorships with the money spent on this fool.

He's a sleezeball, and she's little better... but she can more to another state and start all over as a virgin. Not Petrino!

3. Paramarine said...

I understand Jessica Dorrell was offered a 1st Class ticket out of Arkansas, but declined. Apparently she prefers riding coach.


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