C'mon already, Simon

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C'mon already, Simon

...enough with the lower lip quivering, "Why's everyone always picking on me?" stuff!

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

Here's the whiney, snivelly part:

"Mr. Jorna, who told board members last Thurs­day that he sees no reason for them to deny his permit, said Monday that he does not under­stand why they would want to hurt a successful business.

'It is really offensive to me that they are fighting me on this when I do such a good job,' he said. 'There is no reason to hold this over. It is really upsetting to me that they don't say, 'Simon, thank you for doing all you have done over all these years, and here is your application.'"

This isn't a language problem for the Netherlands-born Jorna who still speaks with a heavy Dutch accent, because he understands perfectly well why the Village has held-over the approval of his application.

His premises at 112 Main Street, the former "Gloria's," continues, as it has for many years, to have outstanding violations against it, and by Village Code, no application can even be entertained under those circumstances.

Upon personal observation of various municipal board hearings over the past six or more years, Mr. Jorna has been extended every consideration by the Village in an attempt to help him come into compliance with Village Code.

In that time I've seen Beach Bakery Cafe represented by at least five different attorneys, perhaps more, as Mr. Jorna seems to fight with his lawyers as much as he does with the Building Department, the Planning Board and the Board of Trustees.

He is, apparently, very difficult to work with unless things go exactly the way he wants insists.

Right now the renewal of an approval for outdoor tables and chairs rests rests on meeting the conditions imposed on last year's approvals, and my all accounts, he has attempted to moved the process along.

But if he has not met 2011's conditions by May 1st, the 2012 approval rests on the kindness of the Village Board.

Standing on Beach Bakery Cafe's front steps and snivelling to any who would listen that he can't understand why the Trustees are trying to "hurt [his] successful business," is not the way to engender their good will.


1. Ilene Dover said...

I love the bakery and know that Simon has done wonderful things for the Willage... but... not being able to walk on the sidewalk in front of his building due to tables being moved and dogs tied up to tables waiting to trip the first passerby is not good for the Village.

I do understand that, but Simon thinks that because he is an asset to Main Street he is exempt from municipal code... our friend Elyse does also, but that's because she finds them bothersome to her day-to-day business.

2. Hampton West said...

Blue NotesSimon Jorma
Simon Jorma
you ought to know
to be conforma
You're gonna get caught
just you wait and see;
Simon please don't say
"why's everybody picking on me?"

Must be something in the water of late!
– Dean

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