April Village Board Meeting

Thursday, April 05, 2012

April Village Board Meeting

This was one of the more important meetings of the year so far, as the tentative 2012-2013 Village Budget was unveiled and abstracted to the modestly well-attended public by Westhampton Beach Mayor Conrad Teller.

The most important aspect of the proposed budget was that, with a 1.96% increase over the current one, it did not "pierce" the New York State-mandated 2% Tax Cap.

But as the Mayor cautioned, that number is depend­ent on the figures from Southampton Town, which, as Clerk of the Village Rebecca Molinaro explained, had changed three times in the previous two days.

The other notable element of the 45 minute meeting was the unanimously passing of the widely-misunderstood "Local Law #162 to Authorize a Tax Levy in Excess of the [2%] Limit Imposed by General Municipal Law."

There was no significant discussion by the Board or com­ment from the public.

(Translation: Elyse Richman and others who were a month ago rabble-rousing against this legislation, have "gotten it.")

In other matters:

  • The Village approved and accepted a $1,386,110 performance bond for the project now known as "Timber Ridge at Westhampton Beach," formerly Westhampton Beach Associates (a/k/a "Muchnick"), the construction of 39 three bedroom condominium units on the West side of Old Riverhead Road South of the recently demised Finn McCool's.
  • Approved the use of Village Property for the Hurri­cane Education Foundation on Saturday, May 12th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Approved the use of Village Property for the E.J. Autism Foundation on Saturday, May 19th, to allow the placement of a "rest area" on the corner of Montauk Highway and Sunset Avenue for partic­ipants in one of their fund-raising walks.
  • Approved an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Southampton Town to provide Waste Management and Police Services for the area of Dune Road be­tween Westhampton Beach and West Hampton{sic} Dunes, and the Town areas immediately East of the Bridle Path sub-division.
  • Approved the sale of the municipality's surplus vehicles.
  • Aproved the installation by D.C. Electric of an electric panel at Rogers Beach Pavilion, at a cost of $2,193 from the Parks and Recreation Fund.
  • Authorized construction of a deck extension of the South side of Rogers Beach Pavilion.
  • Approved at a cost of $3,106 the installation of audio recording equipment in Trustees meetings... this bears watching listening to.
  • Authorized purchase of a new H.P. color printer for Village Hall at the State contract price of $2,782.
  • Authorized renewal of Outdoor Dining Permits for Dee Angelo's Café, Firehouse Pizza, Funcho's Grill, Hampton Coffee Company and Shock Ice Cream.

The renewal of Beach Bakery's approval was held over to the April 18th Meeting/Work Session, pending owner Simon Jorna's demonstation of substantial process in addressing his long-outstanding Code violations.

In the Public Comment portion of the meeting, it was ascertained that the was still a line in the tentative budget for "Police Dispatch Services" totaling $128,276. The figure does not include attendant benefits costs ranging from $16,000 to $40,000.

This has been an issue of great interest to OtBB for several years since the Village Dispatcher duplicate the service provided by Southampton Town, and already paid for by our Town taxes.

The Board of Trustees Meeting adjoined at 7:46 pm, without an ensuing Executive Session, and no mention of the on-going eruv litigation, although some relevant documents regarding that matter have recently been made available on the Village's Website.


1. Hampton West said...

Re: Muchnicks; North of Finn McCool's or South? I thought North of McCool's was Mendelson's supermarket domain.

You are correct… it's Mendelson's "unimproved lots" in the B3 and I1 Districts where supermarkets are not permitted that is North. He wishes it was his "supermarket domain." Thanks for catching that.

2. Hampton West said...

Is Timber Ridge "Muchnick revisited" or another entity? If it's them again, what makes them think the outcome will be different?

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