Outright deception is nothing new...

Monday, April 02, 2012

Outright deception is nothing new...

...for NBC News who this weekend was caught using selectively edited portions of George Zimmerman's 911 call immediately prior to his confrontation with Trayvon Martin on February 26th, to make it appear that the volunteer neighborhood watch captain had racially profiled the young black man he was following.

(Not that NBC is alone in lying to its audience; it's disturbingly widespread.)

On November 17, 1992 Dateline NBC aired an investigative report, "Waiting to Explode," containing crash-test footage purporting to demonstrate that General Motors C/K model pickups were susceptible to fuel tank combustion following low speed collisions.

Problem was, the fiery footage was faked, and in the wake of NBC News' embarrassed apology, Michael G. Gartner, President of the News division, resigned and a number of producers were fired.

The edited 911 call is so blatantly false, that those re­sponsible should be summarily fired, but at this juncture, while NBC has corrected its March 27th report, it has yet to acknowledge its reprehensible behavior.

Here's a transcript of the broadcast version of Zimmerman's call to police:

"This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black."

This is how the actual exchange transpired:

Zimmerman: "This guy looks like he's up to no good. Or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about."

911 Operator: "OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?"

Zimmerman: "He looks black."

(Actual audio of NBC's edited report made be heard at Mediaite.)

Everyone will have their own response to this news, and doubtless some will give it a "so what else is new" shrug, but for the others, it may be something of an awakening about the true agenda of the mainstream media which has long been accused of a liberal bias.

So how would this play into that?

Zimmerman shot Martin on February 26th, though the event didn't start to creep into National consciousness for more than a fortnight.

Then it became a media feeding frenzy, with the uniform theme being that an unarmed African-American teen who'd ducked out to get some Skittles for his younger brother and an iced tea for himself, was stalked and murdered by a "white Hispanic" adult without provocation.

(Exactly when "white Hispanic" became an identifiable Ethnic classification is unclear....)

The photos accompanying these reports seemed to show Martin as a barely out of his adolescence choirboy type, while the solitary one of Zimmerman was missing only the gang tats to solidify him as a burley ex-con.

(In fact, it was Zimmerman who had been the choir boy as a youth, an element omitted from all but a few media reports.)

When a more balanced view of the two participants began to surface, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jack­son, rivaled by only Senator Charles Schumer at getting in front of a news camera, rushed down to Florida to lead rallies demanding for "Justice for Trayvon."

Even President Barack Obama got into the act, asserting that "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

As more facts emerged which tended to support the Sanford Police's decision to not arrest Zimmerman at the scene, it looks like certain media, led by NBC, dispensed with the basic standards of objective reporting, and turned to advocacy, going so far as to falsify its reportage in an attempt to further the lynch mob mentality against the shooter.

Film-maker Spike Lee is an individual and an artist who has shot himself in the foot in the past by speaking out on racial matters, but NBC can't hide behind any such claim.

They lied... again!... and instutionally have no credibility.


1. Jim Cordo said...

I agree with everything you said, but it goes both ways.

Mr. Martin's criminal mischief is repeated over and over by the media, "empty bag with marijuana traces," "suspicion of burglary" etc.

Mr Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 and charged with "resisting officer with violence and battery of law enforcement officer," both which are third-degree felonies. He was fired while he was a security guard for being "too aggressive" in 2005.

You don't hear about those facts very much though, I had to search it out.

Personally, I don't think Mr. Zimmerman went gunning for a black man when he left his house that night. I don't think he is a "Bernie Goetz." I think he is a wannabe cop who should not have been carrying a gun while on neighborhood watch and maybe not at all with his history. I'm not sure that's a law in Florida, but it is in many states. I don't want armed amateurs playing police in my neighborhood. They are not trained for the very thing that happened that night. Neighborhood watch should be eyes and ears only.

There should be plenty of physical evidence and I think the truth, whatever that may be, will come out given some reasonable amount of time.

Whoooooooooa! Et tu, Jimbo?

Where the hell did "Bernie Goetz" enter into this? Wholly inappropriate association!
  1. Goetz minding his business riding downtown on a No. 2 Express when he was approached and surrounded by four black teenagers, all of whom were old enough to be legally served alcoholic beverages at that time. He felt threatened, and having undergone a vicious mugging under similar circumstances three years earlier, shot the four men with an unlicensed handgun.

    They had a force of numbers over Goetz, carried three screw drivers among them which, while they made or may not have intended to use as weapons, admittedly were in their possession for criminal purposes.

    And finally, one of the four admitted to columnist Jimmy Breslin, no friend to either "vigilantes" or gun-owners, in a 1985 interview that his three associates intended to rob Goetz.

    Now, what part of that can you possibly equate with the Martin/Zimmerman event?
  2. The felonies with which Zimmerman was charged seven years ago, were disposed of before trial, so he is not a Prohibited Person who had been stripped of his right to possess a firearm.
  3. "Armed amateurs" are frequently better trained and practiced than many law enforcement personnel, so you should probably rethink your assumptions on that count.
But I agree that any "neighborhood watch" should emphasize the "watch" part.

2. Jim Cordo said...

I said I don't believe he is like Bernie Goetz.

I totally disagree that armed amateurs "are frequently better trained and practiced than many law enforcement personnel."

I'm not talking about who is a better shot. It is the situational training and experience that amateurs lack. Where would amateurs acquire that type of training and experience? On the streets as they go along? I don't think I need to rethink that one.

  1. Then why even mention Bernard Goetz? There are no... as in z-e-r-o... similarities between the two events.
  2. You need to start hanging out with a more serious group of acquaintences.
  3. Where? Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop in and I'll show you some Certificates from places life LFI, DTI, Ken Hackathorn and Jeff Cooper.

3. Jim Cordo said...

I simply meant that he didn't appear to be a vigilante seeking some kind of twisted justice like Goetz. I thing he was genuinely concerned about the safety of the neighborhood.

As far as amateurs, like Mr. Zimmerman, (unless of course you know something about his training) being better prepared than cops in street confrontations, I am going to stand my ground.

[ho ho!] Still the wag, eh, Jimbo?

How can you possibly characterize Bernhard Goetz as "a vigilante seeking some kind of twisted justice?" That is perverse!

As far as self-defense training and your garden-variety police officer, I probably have a great deal more insight into the subject tham you do. Let's talk about it sometime.

4. Jim Cordo said...

Goetz and his actions made me feel good. At the time, I hoped they would never catch him. I wanted him to continue to be free and anonymous and riding the subways at night to put some fear into the viscious punks that have no respect for anything. That's how I felt.

When I read all I could about the case and the trial I came to the opinion that Goetz set himself up as a wolf in sheep's clothing. As you said, he had been the victim of a viscious mugging and countless other indignities. He decided he wasnt going to take it anymore. He armed himself illegally and, in my opinion, he rode the subways among the sheep, blending in and playing the part well, only he was a wolf looking for an opportunity to get justice for himself.

Next time I'm in the neighborhood I'll definitely stop by to shoot the breeze. It's been too long.

I never saw Goetz quite that way, as a "Q ship" prowling the NYS transit system hoping to be confronted by muggers.

I viewed him as an electronics wonk who'd been viciously mugged and injured in 1981, applied for a handgun license and was denied, as most NYC residents are... unless you have a hook. like Don Imus, Howard Stern, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry or New York Times Publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.

On his own initiative, he acquired a small revolver out of state and routinely carried it on his person as a means of preventing another assault. He was an early proponent of the "Refuse to be a victim" movement long before the NRA jumped on the concept.

You apparently see him as a predator... I see him as someone who decided to take responsibility for his own safety, and the handgun gave him the confidence to use the subway again.

We never argued about the Lions and the Bengals this hard 35-40 years ago!

5. Mrs Genetics said...

Look no further than campaign ads for the ultimate in using out of context quotes, the ellipsis or other forms of linguistic skullduggery to completely alter the meaning of a person's words, or a situation.

To me, the most telling part of Zimmerman's 911 call was his comment "these assholes always get away." It suggests, when combined with following Martin and at some point leaving his vehicle, that he was playing the cop wannabe. He exercised very poor judgment and in doing so took one life, and forever altered his. I hope he does some time, because he created the dangerous encounter.

Well reasoned, but my core thesis is that this has become a media-driven event over the past two-three weeks, all in service to an agenda. On the political side, it's decidedly Liberal, but politics aside, almost universally "the story."

A friend of OtBB sent along a link earlier today that perfectly illustrates this point. After blowing a ton of smoke up it's own butt this past weekend about have "exclusive video showing Zimmerman had no head injuries," two days later it's comes up with an "exclusive enhanced version" of the same video showing that Zimmerman did have head injuries!

Like the person who sets a fire so they can call in the alarm and be "a hero," it's disgusting, and it's certainly not journalism!

As for who bears the greater culpability in the lethal confrontation, whatever happened to the old adage "Look but don't touch?"

6. Milquetoast said...

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."
OK, whatever you say, Mr. President.

7. John Roland said...

I covered the Bernie Goetz case when I was a reporter for Channel five news in NYC. He was not looking for trouble. He was on his way home from work. I got to know him rather well, and in fact, interviewed him when he was in jail. He was convicted of carrying an unlicensed gun. Bernie was, or I should say is, a mild mannered, bright, shy guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. In fact, he has a pet squirrel. (I know, a little strange). He was scared to death that day, and only reacted to an obvious threat. To say otherwise, is absolutely not true.

I know... however, because Mr. Goetz is a little weird around the edges, they like to dismiss him as an updated Paul Kersey prowling the NYC subway looking for young African-Americans to murder with his illegal handgun.

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