Almost over-looked...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Almost over-looked...

Kabot Campaign mailer

...but certainly worth Honorable Mention in rating the recent campaign mailings:

The Friends of Linda Kabot... not the South­ampton Town GOP!... sent out a four-page "news­letter" style mailer, one element of which addresses another of Patrick "Skip" Heaney's vul­ner­abilites, patron­age, characterizing 116 Hampton Road as the incumbent's "personal hiring hall."

The "smaller stuff," not that it doesn't all add up, can be attributed to the "perks of pow­er/to the winner went the spoils." But the hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits the incumbent has granted to appointed positions such as Deputy Supervisor Robert Ross and Executive Assis­tant/com­munications director, Donna Giancontieri.

And now Mr. Heaney, the Conservative(!) candidate, wants to add yet another appointed position to the Town payroll, a Police Com­missioner, because Mr. Heaney cannot manage his Police Chief, Jim Overton!

Fortunately, this one is subject to a taxpayer vote on Election Day this Tuesday... it's "Pro­posal Three, a Proposition" on the ballot.


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