Weighing against the re-zoning...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weighing against the re-zoning...

...of the B3/I1 Districts to allow Andrew Mendelson to build, as he is attempting to frame it, a "grocery store," is found on this morning's local Patch:

Prime Storefront Available for Rent in Westhampton Beach [Empty in Westhampton-Hampton Bays]

There is an irony in the mixed message here.

Westhampton-Hampton Bays Patch has been very soft on Mr. Mendelson's circuitous campaign to achieve his objective of an alternative-to-Waldbaum's supermarket in a zone where no such business is permitted.

(So too was Lisa Fox's December webcast, but then neither Mrs. Fox, Patch editrix Erica Jackson nor OtBB are legitimate news-gathering organizations1.)

The bracketed portion of the headline suggests that this item is one of a Patch series devoted to aiding the com­mercial real estate market the way that the site has been assisting brokers with residential listings.

Site of the former Westhampton Marine store

Wonderful! "No WorriessmileyLife Is Good " and now they're out of business in not-so-thriving downtown Westhampton Beach.

It's bad enough seeing empty businesses at entrances to the Village... Finn McCool's is scheduled to join the former Chappy's Corner within the next fortnight... but along Main Street as well, with Memorial Day weekend two months away?

In times such as these, with landlord Simon Jorna asking $4000/month on that premises, I'm not sure that this is the "sellers' market" it once was.

But Mr. Mendelson's single-minded scheme to put a "grocery store" on Old Riverhead Road next to the Long Island Rail Road bed, would only see more demised commer­cial premises along Main Street.

  1. OtBB does for the most part attempt to be, but the writer, as is clear, does have opinions!


1. Seeker said...

Patch's reporters seem to be patchy, at best....

Perhaps Mr. Mendelson might consider climbing down off the silly-putty box and consider buying the old bowling alley/gas station property – putting in a new bowling alley and an IGA (or a Trader Joe's). I bet the Village People could get behind that kinda plan!

You need to understand that Patch's reporters aren't "reporters" but content-providers.

Mr. Mendelson already has a piece of property he wishes to develop; it's just that what he wants to do is precluded by zoning, #1, and, #2, he wasn't thinking ahead when hearings on the proposed Master Plan was being held.

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