Elyse Richman, all of a sudden...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Elyse Richman, all of a sudden...

...an omsbudperson for the Village? She currently blogs in the Westhampton-Hampton Bays Patch...

Westhampton Beach's Two Percent Tax Cap Proposal Is Wrong

...while exhorting people1 to...

"Please show up at Thursday's meeting so you to{sic} can see what new plans the village{sic} has up its sleeve."

[Le sigh]

Since retired Village Clerk-Treasurer Kathy McGinnis jumped on this first, I'll give the little redhead props because she explains it much better than I can in pointing out the flaw in Elyse's simplistic "I'm agin it!" approach:

"Elise, you are misinformed. The Board has a resolution to schedule a public hearing in April on a Local Law to exceed the 2% cap, if necessary. Most of the villages throughout Long Island have adopted this legislation. It is only necessary be­cause NYS failed to set up a procedure to verify that the Village budget complies with the 2% cap prior to adoption. The Board has indicated that the budget will most likely comply with the 2% cap, but without NYS verification they cannot be sure. If there is an error, the state could impose serious fines. NYS was very remiss for not providing this support service."

Mrs. McGinnis, who freely admits to being "a budget wonk" even though she's been out of harness since close-of-business 2010, further chastises the Main Street multiple business owner:

"So you are needlessly alarming Village residents. I particularly disagree with your accusation that the Board is 'up to some­thing.' A chart was included in last year’s budget compared the Village’s tax levy with other WHB districts from 2007 to 2011 as follows; WHB Village 12.18%, SH Town 26.5%, WHB Schools 19%, WHB Library 83.5%, WHB Ambulance 84.12% and WHB Fire 12.01%.

As you can easily see, the [municipality] has always been very fiscally responsible and does not deserve your criticism!"

Now there are certain areas where I would take exception to her assertion that the Village "has always been very fiscally responsible," but on this issue, I think she's otherwise correct.

And Elyse, shame on you for your ill-reasoned alarums and scarums!

But I'll see ya Thursday evening, anyway.

  1. It is furiously to be hoped she meant to limit her entreaty to Westhampton Beach residents.


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