Andrew Mendelson can't help himself!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Andrew Mendelson can't help himself!

There's an ancient gag...

?How can you tell when so-and-so is lying?

"His/her lips are moving!" [rimshot]

That's how it seems to be with developer Andrew Mendelson, most recently when he told local Patch editrix Erika Jackson where he lived:

"'There is an election coming up in June,' said Mendel­son, who is a Westhampton Beach resident."

Yet when he first popped up at a Village Meeting last October, under specific one-on-one questioning, he ack­nowledged that he actually resided in Westhampton.

And if an interviewer makes an erroneous assumption, if he feels it serves his objective, Mr. Mendelson doesn't bother with correcting the record, witness last December's Video Webcast by Lisa Fox.

And this week he reiterates the promise, initially issued as a threat last Fall by his developer colleague Bob "HB" Gianos to "replace that entire (Village) Board," to make this an election issue in June.

In October, Mr. Mendelson stated that his family was here back in the '30s and '40s, and owned land "between the bridges" in an attempt to impress me with the depth of his roots in the area.

Now it's probably a stretch to suggest that someone coming from Westhampton to Westhampton Beach is a "carpetbagger," but that's what it's starting to feel like.


1. Bruce Tria said...

The most fascinating thing about this is that all the developers have to do is file an application to change the zoning. Obviously, they know that has a snowball's chance in hell which is why they're going to try to bring pressure to the Village Board.

All I can say is, think Downtown Riverhead circa 1970 and look at it today.

I rest my case.

There's a more devious dimension to this: former Trustee Joan Levan! She's looking for an issue to flog this Spring to re-gain control of the Village Board, not so much to assist Meldelson and Gianos in achieving their objective, but to help her keep her private promise to the owners of North Mall to get their second floor.

2. Bruce Tria said...

Now, the question is, are the voters blind to that intention? Do they really want to change the character of the Village that badly?

Better still, do they want to turn control of their Village over to outside forces or do they want to retain it for themselves? Once the genie is out of the bottle, it's tough to get it back in. Here again, think Riverhead.

Depends hwo much thinking they actually do.

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