Impromptu Date Night

Friday, February 10, 2012

Impromptu Date Night

I hadn't planned it, but Jeanne was a dervish around the house all day, and she had worked herself into a Baltic fury with a succession of automaton-like operators at Aetna, so it seemed like the right tactical move.

Pondering where to take her to dinner, I remembered seeing something earlier about "Fat Tues­day@Agave's Westhampton Beach" with...

"All you can eat Jambalaya and Corn Bread for $15.95"

Look out now! Jambalaya is one of my middle names, and I wasn't aware the former Mechanic's Hall even had a menu!

(Hey!, it's called "Agave's Tequila & Rum Bar!" No­where does it say "restaurant!")

But a little research... HEL-lo Google!... found something on 27East, and poking around a bit further, learned that it is associated with Agave's Blue Cactus in Hampton Bays, a joint we both have enjoyed.

(In police work, the name "Agave's" would be con­sidered "a clue.")

We got there at 6:20 pm and it had a dinner crowd the size of which several restaurants up on the Highway would give their first borne for this time of year, but we were seated without any delay.

Libations: a tumbler1 of draught Coors Light for $5.00, while Jeanne dove right into the $10.00 "Classic Margarita" and gave it a thumbs up!

She had the Baby Back Ribs which were generous in size and perfectly done... plump, tangy and fall-off-the-bone tender, a great value at $17.00!

The Jambalaya2 was plentiful... a full-sized dish chock-a-block with chunks of chicken, thick slices of chorizo and shrimp on a bed of "seasoned rice."

This could have been a contender for my main dish of the year but for the fact that it was w-a-a-a-y over-salted! I managed to finish it with the incalculable aid of a second tumbler of draught, but a tablespoon of it would have sent anyone on a low sodium diet straight to the nearest cardiac care unit!

It was otherwise so appetizing, that I'd do it again with the proviso that the salt content be no more than 25% of what it was tonight! Even Jeanne thought it too much, and she seems to have a much higher salt threshhold than I.

Back to the realm of pleasant surprises, the dinner check... two rounds of drinks, tax and tip included... was less than $79.00!

Now those may be "Winter prices," but I'm okay with that 'cause we're year 'rounders so we'll go back again... with a strong admonition to our server about the abundance of salt!

  1. That particular vessel could stand to be ungraded!
  2. But no cornbread, sad to report... what I'd read about on the Chamber site must be a "Fat Tuesday" special.


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

Sounds like a nice to place for dinner. We have a new barbecue joint on the corner by our house. They have a big smoker out back and the aromas waft over all day! I did stop in the other day for lunch and got the rib basket. $9.95 and came with two sides. I had the Brunswick Stew and baked beans. It was all off the charts. Aren't you two due for a visit????

We were discussing that very subject over dinner last evening... the snow on the ground this morning (which is still coming down) will doubtless give us new impetus.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Dean, I've always wanted to try Brunswick Stew....smiley

Yes dear.

3. Barbara Ramsay said...

Please come... I have a gift here for Jeanne and very much want to give it to her. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top right now!!!!!

The pulse quickens!

4. Barbara Ramsay said...

The what I'm wearing comment was meant to speak to the weather not your vision of me!The what I'm wearing comment was meant to speak to the weather not your vision of me!


5. Rob F. said...

You and Jeanne need to venture up to our new digs. Not only will I make my jambalaya for you, we can harvest all the Brunswick Stew fixin's you want from my back deck.

Thanks for the invite, but we travel with the pups and Josette would have a fit!

6. Marty Baker said...

Dean – If you should decide to accept, (I'm assuming Barbara lives in Beautiful Florida; temperature last night was 36 degrees), would love to have you two stop by Vero Beach for a visit.

Thanks, Marty... Barb and her husband live on Marathon, and 36° ain't all that tempting when it's 33° here right now!

Plus, the damned Dodgers relocating to Arizona removes one of the inducements this time of year, though my cousins Charlie and Steve are just across the peninsula from you, and Steve's uncle Tony Roberts live in Vero Beach, so who knows....
– Dean

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