In witness to the lack of class...

Monday, February 06, 2012

In witness to the lack of class...

...of New York Giants fans in the wake of their team's impressive performance in Super Bowl XLVI, we have this unsurprising incident.

"Standing at an elevator after the game with some other Patriots' wives and hangers-on, Gisele was videotaped – over the loud taunts of heckling New York Giants fans – saying 'I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times.'"

Okay, an incautious captured comment from Mrs. Tom Brady, super model Gisele Bündchen, but trash-talkin' to an athlete's wife?

What neighborhood did they grow up in... and manage to live this long?


1. Jim Cordo said...

Easy, Dean, your wife is a Giants fan, right?

I know a lot of classy Giants fans.

Having said that I agree with you that trash-talkin' an athlete's spouse and/or family is a no-class act.

  1. Yes, but that's more in solidarity with her octogenarian Dad than anything else... I mean, she doesn't wear any Giants paraphenalia or have a Frank Giffold bobble-head on her desk.
  2. For my part, I don't know too many of them.
  3. Would the heckler(s) have said anything like that within earshot of Shaun Ellis, Ron Brace, or Rob Gronkowski?

2. Rob F. said...

While the Giants' fans in question doubtless behaved boorishly, the bigger story here is that Brady's wife was publicly trash-talking Patriots' receivers for not completing passes. Considering that Mrs. Brady (who comes from the land of futebol) was probably only aping what she heard her hubby say, this incident reflects more on Tom Brady (who has a well-deserved reputation for arrogance) and his wife (estimated to be the first billionaire supermodel) than a handful of off-camera, anonymous Giants fans.

Point taken, but I don't think Mrs. Brady had had an opportunity to consult with her husband at the time of the event in question.

And perhaps buttressing your point about personalities, neither of the Bradys attended the team's Sunday night post-game party.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Some of my dearest acquaintances are Patriot's fans. It was a great game.

That said: Eli's coming! Yay Giants!

Perhaps the Lions will roar next year, dear – seems like they're waking up....

I can but hold my breath and cross my fingers.

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