Rumor Spiked

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rumor Spiked

Updated 11/05/2007 06:58 pm

A rumor currently making the rounds has it that former Southampton Town Supervisor Vincent Cannuscio, long considered the mentor if not puppet-master of the GOP's upstart top-slot candidate Linda Kabot, has jumped her ship and was making calls in support of his old adversary, Republican-in-Conservative drag, Patrick "Skip" Heaney.

The first rule of reportage: "Go to the highest source possible," in this case Mr. Cannuscio himself who responded with equal parts heat and light:

"It's an utter distortion of my intention. I called Anne LaWall to tell her that I was supporting her daughter (Theresa Kienan) in this year's race for Receiver of Taxes. As part of our conversation, I expressed my opinion that 'Skip' should have bowed out after losing the Republican line in the Primary, but acknowledged that part of me admires him for staying in the game (on the Conservative line). That was it!"

Asked if he thought that such a conversation could be construed as "supporting Heaney" in this election, he stated:

"It would have been a stretch! Yes!, I ex­pressed some anger over something which had recently come to light in respect to Linda, but support 'Skip?!?' I disapprove of his financial practices, his patronage prac­tices and his abuse of people."

Southampton Town isn't all that different from little ol' Westhampton Beach... people never like to come out openly on anything, they just talk "over the back fence" so they don't think they have to be held accountable.

But then... soon as Mr. Cannuscio got off the 'phone with me, he took Mrs. LaWall to task for leak­ing the contents of their prior conversation.


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