Big Mistake by CBS...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Big Mistake by CBS... hiring Jim Rome, who has brought new levels of obnoxion to sports broadcasting since he first hit the air in the early '90s.

And before anyone brings up the late Howard Cosell, Rome can't come close to Cosell's diction let alone carry his thesaurus.

Jim Rome

The man's a sawn-off punk and has been from the jump, most notoriously in 1994 when he baited pro football quarterback Jim Everett while hosting ESPN2's "Talk2," and the tough-talker curled up in a fetal position like a "little bunny" when Everett turned the table over on him.

(The brief segment went viral on the Internet, and has been a staple of YouTube ever since.)

Rome left ESPN (for the second time) in December, and was formally introduced as a member of the CBS team on tonight's cablecast of Showtime's "Inside the NFL," and quickly showed that he considers himself an authoritative voice on the game even in the presence of former All-Pros Phil Simms, Cris Collingsworth and Warren Sapp.

The three ex-NFLers comported themselves professional­ly... they certainly know on which side their bread is buttered... but it must've pained them to be cordial to the highly opinionated, never-played-a-down-in-his-life, blowhard as he repeatedly tried to talk over them in the segment.

(The arrogant Southern California-born guest also managed to get some digs in at Indianapolis men wearing their team's football jerseys, calling them "adult yea-hoos" [as opposed to "yah-hoos"].)

Wanna be "brash" (a common description of Rome), fine... but he needs to bring something to back it up.

CBS may come to realize that Jim Rome doesn't have that "something" in his repertoire.


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