They've come a long way...

Friday, November 02, 2007

They've come a long way...

GOP mailer

If anyone doubted that there was an abundance of estro­gen present in this year's Southampton Town races, the most recent GOP postal mailer emphasizes that very fact, and quite directly not only acknowledges it, but plays the gender card very neatly.

And whoever has control of The Southampton Press' Editorial endorsements, certainly went full out for the gals, not only endorsing the GOP's Linda Kabot for Supervisor, and the Democrats' Anna Throne-Holst and Sandra Dunn for the Town Board, but suggesting that come January Mrs. Kabot name her once-ousted running mate, Nancy Graboski, to fill the unexpired portion of Mrs. Kabot's term.

This would leave freshman Council member Christopher Nuzzi as the sole male on the Town Board, and should the Press' little fantasy come to pass, we can but hope that he would be up to the task. Such a scenario would probably be too great a challenge for incum­bent Supervisor Patrick "Skip" Heaney, even as a representative of a three-to-two gender "minority" while still being part of a three-to-two Republican majority.

There's not a solitary Town race this year in which there is not a female candidate... but if this presages a successful run by Hillary ("the horror, the horror") we're in a lot of trouble!


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