Amid the dross...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Amid the dross...

...of a 2011-2012 networks TV season which which has already seen the cancellation of "Charlie’s Angels," "The Playboy Club," "Man Up!" and "Allen Gregory," NBC telecast the final two episodes of "Prime Suspect" last evening in a slot against the nail-biting end of the Giants-49ers game.

Clearly this was done because the suits at 30 Rock would only risk something they'd already deemed moribund against Fox's telecast of the NFC Championship game.

It's too bad, really, because this was one of the brighter new shows last Fall, most because the scripts were loosely adapted from a long-running (1992-2008) British series of the same name with Dame Helen Mirren in the leading role.

The NBC edition, set in New York City but filmed in Los Angeles, features the fearless Maria Bello as NYPD Detective Jane Timoney chasing bad guys, solving homi­cides and fighting sexism in her own squad room.

She's terrific, as is her grudging colleage played by Brían F. O'Byrne, late of cable Showtime's unsung three season series, "Brotherhood."

My only question with network decisions to axe series like this, and "The Big Apple" and "EZ Streets" before it, if a suit somewhere has the courage to "green-light" a series, and then put the product on a network schedule, where is the courage to see it out and let it find its audience?

And if the sensibilities of those decision-makers are so out-of-touch with their audience, why do they still have a job?


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