The 'Old Guard' stays strong...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 'Old Guard' stays strong...

...within the Westhampton Beach Fire District as incumbent Commissioner Don Metcalf breezed to a re-election victory over challenger Kevin Raynor.

With 226 District residents turning out to cast paper ballots, Metcalf took 198 of the votes to 28 for Raynor.

Westhampton Beach Fire District "Privacy Booth"
Westhampton Beach Fire District "Voter Privacy Booth"
Inside the polling place.
Board of Election workers made sure the voting process, including the tabulations, went quickly and smoothly.


1. Hambone said...

Do you think the equipment upgrade Mr. Raynor alluded to was the "voter privacy booth?" That looks like a fire hazard to me, though the poinsettia is a nice touch.

Perhaps you might consider submitting some of your material to David Letterman... I've never understood him either!

The "Young Turks" have always been about newer and better "toys." Fortunately for the District Taxpayers, the "Old Guard" understands "needs" versus "wants," and the costs involved.

2. Eastend68 said...

The voters got this one correct.

I concur.

3. Jim said...

By the looks of the numbers it doesn't seem like Mr. Raynor put any effort into running!

I think it's a "networking" kinda thing, more than political campaigning... which, obviously, I know nothing about!

4. Crabby said...

EE68 realizes, of course, Ms. Levan had no horse in this race....

Why would she? They're never going to name a new fire house after her!

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