Kabot Hit from both flanks...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Kabot Hit from both flanks...

Tain't easy being the front-runner as the Southamp­ton Town Republican upstart choice for Supervisor Linda Kabot is finding out....

Two days after Town Police and Code Enforce­ment officials led by an "investigator from the Town attorney's office" conducted a dawn raid on her family's farm on Old Country Road in Westhampton and issued resident Marie Wilkins, Mrs. Kabot's aunt, a dozen appearance tickets for various town code violations, the candidate was served notice by her Democratic opponent that he intended to sue her.

After Tuesday's 6:00 am raid the respective camps of Mrs. Kabot and incumbent Supervisor Patrick "Skip" Heaney immediately exchanged a series of charges about, what else, who knew what and when.

While Mr. Heaney and Town Attorney Garrett Swenson attempted to deflect accusations that the timing of the raid was "politically moti­vated," a blind question in an earlier telephone "push poll" commissioned by the Heaney cam­paign strongly suggests otherwise.

(Mr. Swenson is depicted as the cue-ball bald "junkyard dog" in last weekend's amusing anti-Heaney YouTube presen­tation, since removed.)

Then, last evening at a "People of Color" can­didates' meeting at the Rogers Memorial Library in Southamp­ton, Mrs. Kabot was quite publicly served with legal notice of a "Defama­tion of Character" action by Democratic Super­visor candidate Jim Henry, who apparently took exception to the Kabot campaign's half-page advertisement in this week's edition of The Southampton Press calling attention to Mr. Henry's 2004 arrest in Florida for various political activities.

If Mr. Henry's legal problems in Florida are a matter of public record, then he is responsible for any "defama­tion" of his character. If Mrs. Kabot's campaign relied on information pro­vided by a supporter and failed to confirm its bona-fides, she is a reckless fool. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Independence Party candidate for Southampton Town Supervisor Alex Gregor is looking better and better with every passing day.


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