The Supe Replies...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Supe Replies...

Yesterday afternoon Westhampton Beach "Union Free" School District Superintendent Lynn Schwartz was asked by E-mail:

"The one thing uppermost in my mind at this point is the propriety of a Board of Education member making use of School District records as Mr. Greenbaum appears to have done....

I realize that one of your primary obliga­tions is to "protect your Board," but I would appreciate your comments on this, and your understanding of how he has come to have access to these records."

Superintendent Schwartz fired back a reply this afternoon:

"In response to your question, no board member has access to school district records."

If this is the case then the initial speculation here must be the reason why Clint Greenbaum was able to so effectively mobilize parents of school-age children to vote in the October 2nd referendum on the $7,827,820 Westhampton Free Library bond referendum: the gentleman must be "a far-sighted collector of local E-dresses."


1. Mike said...

School Board members most certainly have full access to District records. First of all the Superintendent answers to the Board, not the other way around. May a school Board member remove school district records from the site, absolutely NO. May a Board member copy the records, YES. Are district records open to residents, YES but with certain restrictions that are covered by NYS School Law and Pub.Off.Law 87.

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