Adios and Farewell...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Adios and Farewell...

...first to Sandy Patterson and her Post Stop Café crew 'til sometime after the Spring thaw.

They served their final meals of 2011 last evening, but came down in full costumes to open for the Halloween Parade this afternoon.

Sandy Patterson and her Post Stop crew doled out pounds and pounds of Halloween treats!

(I give Jeanne 'til Armistice Day before she contorts into full Turkey Burger with Cranberry and Gorgonzola withdrawal.)

The seasonal closing of our favorite weekend watering hole was, of course, expected... the weather and increased business this year kept Sandy here an additional two weeks beyond her traditional exit.

But bidding Bryan Dean adieu was completely unexpected... it was just 30½ years ago that his mom and dad opened the doors to Dean's Country Market, but it seems like the store has been there forever!

Bryan Dean on the final day of operating Dean's Country Market

Tomorrow the shop on Mill Road will be dark, and when it re-opens on Wednesday, it'll be under new ownership.

Bryan will still be around for awhile, helping the new owner with the transition.

I just never realized that the man was independently wealthy enough to retire so young!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

I ate the second half of my turkey and cranberry burger with gorgonzola for dinner tonight. I expect the withdrawal from this spectacular, moist burger to start Saturday [sniffle].

Have a great winter, dear Sandy and Co. You will be missed.

Aye, that!

2. Joann and Ed said...

Good luck Bryan, you deserve the best. We love you! God bless... Mugs and Pop

3. Michael Jacobs said...

...and 25 years ago Margot and I (carnivores to the core) discovered Dean's Market when we first came out here as "Summer people." Ed, Bryan and the crew were great, always inquiring about the kids (then) and the grandkids (now), and serving up the best of the prime cuts and specialty items. It's long been said in my household "ya can't beat Dean's meat..." and ya can't.

Good luck to Bryan and family. We'll miss your smiling faces. One favor though... you absolutely must insist that new ownership never mess with the Dean's burger. It's world class.

We shall see what we shall see... if in fact they are closed today and until next week, I'm a bit apprehensive.

Not for nuthin' but I think that was actually the slogan of Ed's old boss, Mickey Thompson, in Hampton Bays.
– Dean

4. Eastend68 said...

Dean's is closed until next week. November 7th.

Sure, that's what they're telling you....

5. Eastend68 said...

What happened? Dean's never re-opened.

I believe what you mean is, "Dean's hasn't re-opened yet." (Or at least. I hope so.)

I reported what I was told... I now have to re-evaluate the source of that information as reliable. (Bryan, you fathead!)

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