Now, about the up-coming Elections...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Now, about the up-coming Elections...

...since the World's Serious has been decided, and our mail boxes are beginning to fill with campaign materials. (Can't really call it "campaign literature!")

I must preface this with a personal policy decision formulated much earlier this year: no one currently on the Southampton Town Board gets any consideration from me this time out!

If Linda Kabot-with-a-K...

(Not that anyone would mistake her for any relation to the Cabots of Massachusetts!)

...had not thrown her slimmed-down self into the Supervisor's race last month, I swear I would have written in "George Guldi" as an anyone-but-Anna protest vote!

So for the Town Council, that initially left three-for-two seats, really only two-for-one for I've been a Billy Hughes guy from the jump.

Fortunately, Christine Preston Scalera's mailing piece this past week has made the winnowing process much easier.

Here's the message side:

Christine Preston Scalera's campaign message

Can it get anymore platitudinous?

  • "Preserving our quality of life"
  • "Protecting the environment"
  • "Keeping our communities safe"

I mean, really! This is so devoid of any thought or even personality as to induce vomiting!

And the image, as with many of her published photos, all in white! The impression is that she's either dating Jay Sears or posing for a '60s style Kotex magazine advertisement.

But, as the late Clara Peller famously demanded: "Where's the beef?"

What do we know of the woman other than she was a one-term Councilwoman (as Christine J. Preston) in Oyster Bay a decade ago, and has served as an attorney for the Towns of both Brookhaven and Southampton? So what is she talking about with "our community?"

And what's with that "borrowed interest" photo on the address side of her mailer?

None of the people in this photo are, or are related to, the candidate!

Some guy with two young kids building sand castles with his teenage blonde bride in a blue bikini, talking about "the quality of life we've always enjoyed?"

The woman who would be on the Town Board with the man who wouldn't be Supervisor, Christine  Preston Scalera and Councilman Christopher Nuzzi

The key question, though, is just how long has the woman who would represent us actually lived and voted in Water Mill, and how, as a relative new-comer, has she risen so quickly within the Town GOP?

A lot about Christine Preston Scalera's candidacy has set off OtBB's institutional "spidey senses," but none more than, having screened for and accepted the Republican Party's nomination for the Town Board, why she would abandon her fellow GOP nominee Bill Hughes to accept the tainted Independence Party endorsement?

(And screw Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay and his megalomaniacal attempts at fiefdom-building anyway!)

The main reason why I won't vote any of the Town Board incumbents is because they are serving political bosses rather than we who have elected them, and aside from her vacuous campaign, it looks like Scalera's first allegiance is more to MacKay than the residents of Southampton Town.


1. Crabby said...

Say, she forgot to say she's committed to world peace! HERE she is, Ms. Americaaaaa....

Yeah, that's a pretty lame flyer. Did I read she's been a "local" for a coupla years in The Press?

Never mind that! What exactly would she bring to the Town Board?

2. Bruce Tria said...

Love your analysis. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said, "it is better to sit quietly and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt."

This could be an example of, if you have nothing to write, don't write anything.

  1. I think ol' Abe got that from Solomon's Proverbs. When you once told me that your were "a man of letters," I didn't realize they began and ended with WRIV.
  2. Is the "this" referencing Scalera's mailer or OtBB's entry?

3. Bruce Tria said...

Dean, I would never take a cheap shot at you... after all, you have all of cyberspace to even up the score.

Seriously, 'this' refers to Ms. Scalera's mailer. I thought your analysis was right on the mark.

Thank you, Bruce, but while I may have my corner of cyberspace, you have all of the ozone that 1,000 watts will reach (by day)!

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