A Terrific World's Serious...

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Terrific World's Serious...

...one the likes of which I've not seen since the Arizonas beat the New Yorks in seven games back in 2001.

After the Promethean Game Six, all that remained to be answered was:

Which Cardinals team would show up for Game Seven, the 1975 Red Sox or the 1986 Mets?

Remember, after Carlton Fisk's heroic 12th inning body-english assisted home run, the Bostons lost Game Seven to the "Big Red Machine," while the New Yorkers rode the 10th inning Game Six Buckner blunder and Mookie Wilson's arm-flapping dash home to a seventh game win and World's Serious Championship!

The question remained throughout the first half of tonight's game as the two runs the Rangers scored in their first at bats, were quickly matched in the bottom part of the inning when David Freese tied the score with a two-out double.

(When my buddy Marty called to reiterate our mutual question from earlier I told him that no matter which team won the championship, Freese had to be the MVP!)

Matters were still in doubt 'til the Cardinals scored two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning without the ball leaving the infield, to give St. Louis a 5-2 lead.

Still, while the Cards scraped and scratched out their runs for most of the series, Texas seemed to be able to score quickly and at will whenever they were in the mood to do so.

Not this evening, though, as the Rangers had shot their wad in that first inning, and St. Louis' 2005 Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter pitched a smart and gutsy game on only three days rest.

(In decades past, pitchers like Robin Roberts, Warren Spahn and Sandy Koufax routinely pitched on three days rest, and Koufax pitched the seventh game of the 1965 World's Serious on two days rest and shut out the Minnesota Twins on three hits while striking out ten.)

Even without a sock full of blood, Carpenter held off the Rangers through seven plus innings before giving way to the Cards' bullpen which easily retired the final nine Texas batters.

This was a terrific World's Serious, and as a National League fan I'me loving it!


1. Eastend68 said...

Terrific is the right word.

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