Henry hits the 'Net as well…

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Henry hits the 'Net as well…

One might say that it's purely in the interests of parity in this year's Southampton Town Supervisor's race, as this time…

Jim Henry makes YouTube

I still haven't froggiest clue as to about who is res­ponsible for this effort… it's not as unerringly focused as 4integrity's initial effort, but the accompanying music track is better, and just who the clip's producer is supporting is coming into much clearer focus… by a simple process of elimination it's gotta be someone from the Linda Kabot camp or Alex Gregor campaign, and my money is on Gregor right now as I expect to see a clip taking the mickey out of the GOP candidate by this weekend.

I must say, though, that the use of TV's COPS "Bad Boyz" theme in last week's Heaney Hit Job, was almost prescient.

November 2nd Update: The video has since been removed.


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