A Letter from Linda...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Letter from Linda...

...the once and would again be Supervisor of Southamp­ton Town.

And while it's not quite what I expected, golly, it's a useful one, and critical to any sort of chance she might have at the polls on November 8th.

While it contains several key campaign points, the focus is on the fact that she is a write-in candidate this time around, and that for a ballot to be successfully cast for her, it must be done in a certain specific manner.

It won't be heavy lifting for the bulk of the voters... the most important thing, she reminds us...

"Remember to spell KABOT correctly with a letter K. The Key is Kabot."

She also stresses...


....and then proceeds to confuse the issue by citing "your absentee ballot" as if this mailing was targeted to those who will be voting by that method.

It's a silly error, and suggests that the Kabot Campaign is being run solely by Linda off her dining room table, because multiple sets of eyes would have caught that and clarified the language.

(She presents it clearly and correctly on her dedicated Webpage.)

The question remains, though, why did Linda Kabot wait so long to jump into the Supervisor's race?

Anyone who's clocked the woman for even a day knowns how energetic she is, and how focused she can be. But waiting to the last six weeks of the run up to Election Day hasn't left her much time and maneuvering room.

(She does have some signs up around Town, and she has found the time to obtain the names of Election Day poll inspector under a Freedom of Information Law request... whatever she intends to do with them.)

This is going to be an interesting one to follow....


1. Crabby said...

As you should well know, less exposure (and what must have been a torturous decision) gives her enemies less time to beat her up.

I'm voting for her!

ATH has way too much blonde ambition for my comfort... I think her eyes are already set far above the Town, and to be perfectly transparent, didn't she use Kabot's plans to make her legislative bones? She hasn't even been in the position long enough to cut her teeth on anything but politics.

Which she does rather well.

I heard a commercial on the radio this week from a police organization supporting Bellone, with whom she is often seen in news pictures, and who seems to support her re-election.

This "cop" connection is an uncomfortable one for me; and I really wish they'd stay the hell away from politics. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, (sorry for the pun) but Police states are not pretty.

Speaking of "blonde ambition" [ho ho], watch this Southampton Project video, and take note of the cast of characters with whom she surrounds herself.

And yes, ATH's (belatedly introduced) budget reduction scheme is by and large Linda Kabot's, which is a big reason why the Southampton Town PBA isn't bring her bouquets and candy any longer.

2. Hampton West said...

I watched the ATH video.

You know my neighborhood and Code enforcement here is a big deal - I am currently the President of the Residents Association (deja vu all over again) - invites went out to talk to us - one person responded - Linda Kabot - who showed up - no ATH. Need I say more? BTW we have 120 registered voters.

Good to know... but what did Linda bring to the "party?"
– Dean

3. Linda Kabot with a K said...

Hi Dean - Thanks for commenting on my write-in Campaign for Town Supervisor.

Indeed Poll Inspectors probably should have received a slightly different letter from me that corrected that word "absentee ballot" instead indicating the HOW-TO for your "Election Day ballot."

But in the in the interest of time and expense, the same letter that was sent to Absentee Ballot voters was also sent to Poll Inspectors by the envelope-stuffing volunteers working on my campaign. As you know, Poll Inspectors receive training from the Suffolk County Board of Elections on how the paper ballots and scanner machines work and how to help voters successfully complete their ballots including how-to properly vote by write-in in the space provided at the bottom of each column for each of the respective public offices listed – should a voter desire to do so.

The intent of the letter that I sent to Poll Inspectors was to not only encourage their favorable consideration of my candidacy as a write-in for Supervisor, but also to provide an advance copy of the Sample Ballot so as to show exactly as a visual aide which column is the Supervisor column and which box is the correct write-in box. The sample ballot used in this mailing is a copy of the absentee ballot that has been mailed to absentee ballot vote

As you also know, a similar paper ballot, that is a daunting 30 inches long, will be handed to voters when they go to the polls to vote and a pen is provided in the privacy booths for use by voters to fill in the circles for the candidates of their choosing and to write-in candidates should they choose to do so as an alternative to the listed names on their ballot for any particular elected position indicated.

A campaign mailer has also been sent to registered voters that includes write-in Instructions and an enlarged view of the sample ballot showing the Southampton Town public offices. This mailing will arrive to voters next week by Wednesday. To supplement that mailing, my volunteers and I are also handing out xerox copies of the sample ballot with write-in instructions.

Onward to Election Day - just over a week to go!!!

Brevity has never been your long suit, has it, Linda!?

I've called your cell several times over the past month to speak with you, without success. Still, g'luck on November 8th.

4. Linda Kabot with a K said...

Dean, I never received a voice mail message from you on my cell 631-219-7218 so I was unaware of your calls. My home number is also published so you could have tried that as well, but no message on the answering machine. So please do not imply that I do not get back to people. I am proud of my responsive service to constituents over the years.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of my intent in communicating to the Poll Inspectors - which apparently you are one... I will work on the "brevity thing" per your suggestion, but I did not know you have a word limit on those who wish to comment on your blog posts.

Thanks for wishing me well....

  1. Was unaware that your cell' 'phone accepted messages. Never got such an intercept.
  2. Didn't know your home number and wouldn't've called it anyway. Public figures deserve a home life without being disturbed there.
  3. Upon personal observation, you have as much chance at achieving the "brevity thing" as being less feisty. It's who you are, and the latter isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  4. No limits ordinarily; it was just an amused observation.

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