No Left Turn...

Monday, October 24, 2011

No Left Turn...

...should ever be taken at speed, and certain­ly not with a suspected snootful!

Boarded up front of Country Heroes following intrusion by 1995 Lexus with a South Carolina registration

That's one of the lessons that should be taken from the substantial crash scene of approximately 8:42 pm Sunday when a 1995 Lexus with South Carolina license plates intruded into the front of the Country Heroes building on Montauk Highway at the corner of Lilac Road.

Witnesses told police that the driver and a passenger, both described as "Hispanic," were observed exiting the vehicle and fleeing South on foot down Lilac Road.

A canine tracking unit assisting from Riverhead Police Department tracked the scent along Liberty Street to South Road before losing it.

The Lexus struck the front of the building with such force that an automatic teller machine secured to the floor just inside the windows...

Inside the front of Country Heroes

...(middle of above photo) was hurled across the public area, through the door and into the bathroom, smashing the toilet bowl.

Dislodged automated cash machine came to rest in the bathroom of Country Heroes

The ATM was otherwise intact, so this was not a crash-in robbery.

And as there were no gouges, scrapes or skid marks on the floor between the original location of the machine and where it was discovered, the conclusion drawn was that it traveled the 20+ feet entirely through the air.

(Neil Salvaggio's photos of the scene taken shortly after the crash are available on 27East.)

Country Heroes owner Don Lipari was incredulous at the amount of damage, but thankful that his business was closed at the time of the accident.

"This happens during any of our peak hours, and there's serious injuries, maybe even deaths... that ATM is very heavy!"

Mr. Lipari hopes to re-open "within the next few days."

Westhampton Beach Police Lieutenant Trevor Gonce said Monday morning that this sort of accident is not unique in the Village.

"Nothing to do with the Goldberg's Deli incident last month. Just a vehicular crash where the driver abandons the vehicle and takes off. They don't own it, so they don't care."

A dollar amount of the damage to the Country Heroes building had yet to be assessed.


1. Linesider36 said...

So what's the deal, Latinos go to South Carolina and buy a car with false ID and probably no insurance and then drive up here where they hang out at any number of 7-Elevens looking for work that Americans would never do. When they get paid in cash then it's back to 7-Eleven for a 12-pack of whatever gets them off and then back in the car with South Carolina plates and no insurance and run through the window at Country Heroes and that's where the trail and the story ends? What's wrong with this picture? Wake up America! Remember the Alamo!

Well, that's the short-form xenophobic version, I guess.

But several points:
  1. Exactly what is the "work that Americans would never do" in this economic client? Unless they're happy to just go on the dole, of course.
  2. And there is that portion of the local Latino populace that don't take their cash... a major aspect of the underground economy...back to the 7-Eleven, but to the Post Office to purchase a money order to send back to their families.
  3. I'm still trying to figure out why the trail went cold outside Snug Harbor? Are people nesting inside someone's otherwise closed-down-for-the-Winter home, or are there hoochs in the underbrush that the police helicopter missed? (Is the SCPD chopper equipped with an infared capability?)

2. Charlie said...

Re: #1 & #2... Right on, Dean. I've been having a lot better luck with Mexicans than with rednecks.

Re: #3... Sounds like the "Light in the Forest," our old junior high hideout in the swamp between Snug Harbor and the Country Club playing fields.

Your brother Woodie never told me about that one!

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