Mike Francesa...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mike Francesa...

...is probably the most listened-to sports show host in the country with his weekdaily afternoon show on WFAN (660 am) which is simulcast on YES Network (cable channel 715).

Francesa is also an arrogant know-it-all whose personal ego requirements likely were at the root of the dis­solution of one of the great radio teams since Burns and Allen, Mike and the Maddog.

This afternoon he had New York Jets All-Pro cornerback Derelle Revis as a 'phone-in interviewee, and the una­bashed New York Giants fan noted beforehand that "he's the only Jet who'll talk to me."

Watch and listen to the full interview:

It's obvious that it wasn't "only kidding around" as Francesa tried to characterize it immediately afterwards: the host was trying to put the guest into a corner and elicit a news-worthy quote which would accrue to the benefit of his "Miked Up" show.

After the directed disconnect, and Francesa fumed, ranted and dissembled, the Jets P.R. staffer, Jared Winley, contacted Francesa's producer to apologize and acknowl­edged he should have asked the interviewer to move on to another topic.

Sure, and that would have sent Francesa into an instant snit about having his prerogatives infringed, and some razzing of Revis for having someone else handle his squabbles.

Francesa is a fat-headed, power-crazed idiot.


1. The Quiogue Kid said...

I always preferred the low-key never opinionated part-time Westhampton Beach resident Howard Cosell!

Tony Sureau told the story of being at the old Garden City Hotel for some sort of luncheon with a bunch of New York sports figures on the dias, including Giants coach Allie Sherman and Howard Cosell who had frequently been critical of Sherman for losing three consecutive NFL title games and for trading iconic Middle Linebacker Sam Huff to another team in the same division.

Following the affair, Tony and a number of other were gather around Sherman for some informal colloquy, when an ashen Cosell rushed into the group and implored the Coach to accompany him back out to the lobby because a Giants diehard was threatening Cosell because of his attacks on Sherman.
"Allie, I think this guy is really serious and wants to kill me!"
The coach barely looked at the broadcaster, but said: "Sorry, Howard, but you're on your own with this one," and went back to his addressing the fans.

Cosell, incidentally, is interred in the Westhampton Cemetery.
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

He annoys me too... although many 24/7 news and sportscasters have brought me to the "leave the room" stage or turn off the car radio when I'm driving.

They push and insist and interrupt and ask things they have no business asking.

However, there's a guy on sports radio whose name I refuse to remember. He is the oily-voiced creep on weekend 660 am who always refers to the Mets as the "New York Metropolitans." Shut! Up!

He is seconded by that fool who does that lame throbbing vibrato for Yankee wins: "Thaa.aa.aa.aa.aa.aaa.aaa-YANKEES win." That makes me think postal thoughts.

Please. I'm a fan of both the Mets and Yankees, but I have to turn them off!

Yankees announcer John Sterling is a horse's arse, but someone must love him 'cause he's been doing it for 17 years... I can't listen to him because of his ridiculous "calls."

And Steve Somers is an acquired taste... which I've never acquired.
– Dean

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