Let it not be said...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let it not be said...

...that Sandy Patterson is inflexible!

Ahhhh, my friends, there's good news this morning: The Post Stop Café (née Straw's Stationery, Cobb's Luncheonette, et al.) will remain open at least one more weekend before shuttering 'til the first Crocus vernus.

Today could have been le dernier cri for Sandy and her crew, but this weekend's weather played right into the hands of those of us who wanted to see her keep the lamps of 144 Main Street lit a while longer.

Which will make Jeanne delighted at the prospect of another Turkey and Cranberry Gorgonzola Cheese Burger accompanied by Waffle Fries and a glass of Malbec for her eventide meal next Sunday.

(I'm alright with that, or something else from the eclectic American menu... there's a terrific pasta dish often offered on the Specials Board.)

This has been a sad stretch of the calendar for the past several years as the lights of down­town Westhampton Beach are slowly extinguished and we begin to wonder if we will see their glow again.

Last year 113 Main Street failed to make it much past Thanksgiving after 42 years of service, and while the doors there are again open, the "Magic" is gone.

And now, after more than a decade of bouncing from one side of Main Street to the other and then up Glover's Lane, Terry Lucas is writing the final chapter of the Open Book... she may not have been the best business woman around... these are tough times everywhere... but she and her store have been a terrific asset to the entire community, and a wonderful successor to Mimi Calkin and the Book Mark which had graced Main Street since 1968.

So, Sandy... save us a table next Sunday, and Rob, Eric, whichever of you has the stick that night, make sure there's a dram or three of Mount Gay Eclipse left behind the bar.


1. Eastend68 said...

It would be great to see the Post Stop tay open til Thanksgiving weekend.

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