'Angels' axed

Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Angels' axed

Another gear was stripped from the 2011-2012 television season's wayback machine as network ABC announced that "Charlie's Angels" was shutting down production after just four episodes had been telecast.

What ABC plans to fill the gap in its Thursday prime time schedule with when the last of the eight completed shows have aired next month is unknown.

My wife and I would vote to bring back "Eli Stone." It was in every aspect an original, and not some "reboot" of a jiggle show that was mindless camp when it debuted in the late '70s.

"Angels" then...

1976-77 Edition

....and most recently:

2011 Edition

As for "Friday Night Lights" alumnae Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter's season ended early as well. Perhaps she can text him her new private number.

Jus' sayin'....


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