Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Nancy Grace at work

"Legal analyist" Nancy Grace is as despicable as she is shrill... and when all is known, probably even worse!

She is, simply put, one of the most awful women people to ever regularly "disgrace" our television screens and get paid for it.

Nancy Grace on TV

Can't stand watching her on TV, but listening to her is even more un­bear­able. She doesn't have to sound like that, for the love of "Henry Higgins!"

Distinguished actor Melvyn Douglas and seminal rock 'n' roller Little Richard also hail from Macon, Georgia, and they certainly don't talk that way!

Grace, with nearly a decade as Special Prosecutor of felonies involving serial murder, serial rape, serial child molestation and arson, left the Atlanta-Fulton County District Attorney's office with clouds over her head.

Twice the Supreme Court of Georgia took judicial note of Grace's conduct as a prosecutor, once declaring a mistrial because Grace had "exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument" and again in 1997 when it overturned a murder-arson conviction, noting...

"...the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable."

After more legal wranglings, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that Grace...

"played fast and loose (with her ethical duties and failed to) fulfill her responsibilities. It is difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use ... [ap­parently false] testimony...."

Despite these harsh judicial rebukes, CNN's bio page insists in describing her as...

"A former prosecutor with an unparalleled record of success....."

(This from "the world-wide news organization" which prices itself on its credibility.)

Nancy Grace's television track record is, on balance, less than lauditory as well: her serious (and wrongly opinionated) mishandling of the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping1, her vehemently pro-prosecution position throughout the 2006 Duke University lacrosse (non-rape) case2, her role in the suicide of interviewee Melinda Duckett3, even her relentless, ratings-driven coverage of the Caylee Anthony case, before, during and after the trial which found the mother Casey Not Guilty of the murder of her daughter.

And speaking of "credibility..."'s the actual sequence which has had people (and People) tittering and Tweeting.

Note that others involved, her dance partner Tristan MacManus who gallantly provided cover for her post-routine "adjustments," "Dancing with the Stars" host Tom Bergeron4 and one of the judges, Bruno Tonioli5, ad-libbed light quips to diffuse Grace's patent embarrassment.

For her part, Grace went into full-blown, Bill Clinton-esque denial:

"I did not! There was a little tiny move­ment, but it did not equate to a wardrobe malfunction. I would be mortified."

("Mortified?" With her, that would be refreshing!)

Later, that "little tiny movement" became a:

"...seismic shift occurred in my bra." she continued to "vehemently" deny any wardrobe malfunction, "nip-slip" or more correctly, aureola sighting.

I leave the question open... is it:

The photographic evidence

  • A aureola appearance as a result of what Janet Jackson once tried to pass off as a "wardrobe malfunction?"
  • The natural consequence of trying to stuff too much 51-year-old boobage into an inadequate-to-the-task costume top?
  • A desperate cry for attention6?

But more importantly, why did she lie about it?

Didn't she realize that a while slew of viewers could pick up Warner Wolf's celebrated cry of "Let's go to the videotape" in in these more modern times, the DVR?

The truth with me is that I don't care... there's nothing about Nancy Grace which titillates me in the slightest.

What I am enjoying is the fact that this "public exposure" is making her as uncomfortable as she has routinely made others uncomfortable... or worse.

It'a karma, Nancy, karma... live with it, and let's see if you've learned anything.

  1. Grace repeatedly proclaimed on CourtTV and CNN's Larry King that an early police suspect, Richard Ricci "was guilty!" A husband and wife with no connection to Ricci were later arrested, tried and convicted in Smart's abduction and related crimes. Grace continues to insist that her accusations were warranted.
  2. The charges against three members of the lacrosse team were false and led to the disbarment of Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong. Grace has yet to offer an apology for her own prejudicial conduct.
  3. Duckett committed suicide following an interview conducted by Grace concerning the disappearance of Duckett's 2-year-old son Trenton, and when the young woman's family sued, asserting a wrongful death claim against CNN, who telecast the interview even after the suicide, and Grace. It was later settled pre-trial with Grace establishing a a $200,000 trust fund dedicated to locating Trenton.
  4. "On the European version that would be perfectly fine."
  5. Of the dance routine: "It was a bit top heavy at times."
  6. Given her lengthy history of exploiting anything for ratings... murdered and missing children, abused spouses, nothing is off-limits with Nancy Grace.

    Except when it comes to her own privacy, of course! Arguing that the video might cause "annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, and undue harm" should it ever be made public, Grace had her lawyers trying to ban cameras from videotaping her pre-trial deposition in the Melinda Duckett case.


1. Crabby said...

Looks like the areola borealis to me!

Ho ho!

2. Marty said...

Boy, I wish I could diss her as gracefully as you did. I agree that she is less worthy than a third pocket on a shirt. Thanks for reinforcing my disgust for her.

I think her track record speaks for her convincingly. She left her Prosecutor's position one step ahead of a formal censure if not disbarrment, and started a new career turning other people’s tragedies into entertainment. She's not alone in that disreputable pursuit, but she is far and away the most strident.

3. Eastend68 said...

Well said -- plus she looks fat.

Yes, there is that. One the one hand, she's an almost 52-year-old mother of nearly four-year-old twins. One would think that might keep her physically active enough to help her drop the excess pregnancy avoirdupois, but she hasn't, so she should be savvy-enough or vain-enough to make better choices about parading around a dance floor in that sort of costume.

Or someone should have told her... but no pity! She's a vicious, dumpy, ethically-challenged harridan who can't handle one-tenth the heat she's subjected others to throughout her career.

4. Hampton West said...

Any idea how she does in the ratings? Does she have a core group of fans? I've watched a few times and couldn't stand her.

And there's the wonder of it!

5. Hampton West said...

B-52s and a very underrated white minstrel singer from the 1920s and '30s named Emmet{sic} Miller are also out of Macon.

The B52s actually came out of Athens which is about 90 miles from Macon, but you're right about Emmett Miller. The list of Maconites is long, and the two I selected were to point out the contrast with the accent which Grace uses. If Garbo had ever heard Melvyn Douglas speak like that, she'd've had him fired off of "Ninotchka" and never shown up for "Two-Faced Woman." Hell, he'd've never gotten his foot in the door of Hollywood!

6. Crabby said...

Answer to Comment 2 reminds me of our local, vocal harridans.

The thought occurred to me.

7. Jim Cordo said...


Can't stand her.

She is so completely biased that I have a hard time agreeing with her even if she is right (which is almost never). She is a hateful, bitter, greedy woman. I call her her Helmet Head. That hair doesn't move.

Word, indeed! (You been keeping in contact with Duke?)

8. Crabby said...

Ha! Another set of obsidian eyes, sans the sex appeal.

She's no Mary Louise Parker on any count!

9. Tugboat Bertha said...

She's no Mary Louise Winters, either.

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