Well, it wasn't exactly a ferocious roar...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, it wasn't exactly a ferocious roar...

Detroit Lions football helmet

...more like a relentless 60 minute growl, but when the final gun sounded on tonight's game in Ford Field before 67,861 fans, the Lions... my Detroit Lions... were undefeated after five games!

The last time they started a season this well was 1956 when they began their 12-game schedule 6-0 but didn't win the division title!

(And remember the 1986 Jets started the season 10-1 and finished 10-6.)

Still, I am cautiously optimistic that the Lions won't be out playing golf when the playoffs start.

Those Chicago Bears who'd beaten the Lions six straight and are the defending "Black 'n' Blue" division champions, the vaunted "Monsters of the Midway," held a 2-1 time of possession advantage and their quarterback, Jake Cutler, was nothing less than heroic in defeat, but the Lions made the big plays.

For their part, the Bears offensive line couldn't for the life of them stay on-sides before the ball was snapped to Cutler... there were a total of 26 penalties in the game, with the flag thrown on Chicago 14 times for 104 yards. Nine of those were off-sides as the Bears showed execrable pre-snap discipline.

Things that went well from my highly partisan point of view:

  • The Bears were the first team to hold Calvin Johnson to a single touchdown reception this season, but the one he caught was a beauty, a 73 yarder from Matt Stafford with a classic stiff-arm to the final defender trying to drag him down.
  • The Lions best running back, Jahvid Best who hasn't done much all season, scored on an 88-yard off-tackle run... without anyone laying a hand on him! Great play call, perfectly executed!
  • Nick Fairley, the Lions #1 draft pick this year who has been out with a training camp foot injury which required an operation, saw some action and acquitted himself well.

It was, in all, a good evening... not only the Lions over the Bears 24-13, but this year's Cinderella team in baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals took the measure of the Mil­waukee Brewers, 12-3.

Detroit Red Wings

O, and the Detroit Red Wings have started their 2011-2012 National Hockey League season with a pair of wins!

The Knicks? They and the rest of the NBA may not even have a season!


1. Charlie said...

So now they are "your" Detroit Lions! Last I heard you had forsaken them. Cast them aside like a local trollop whose charms have faded. Vowed never again to fall for the elusive hope for a playoff berth. Like a friend abandonned on the Bowery when he fell on hard times. Now they win a few games and are welcomed into your bosom as if you had been a loyal friend all along. How could you be so fickle over a mere 55 year slump?

They've always been my Detroit Lions... 60 years and counting!

Yes, I renounced them three years ago! Who wouldn't've? A winless sixten game season... years of Matt Millen wasting #1 Draft Picks on drug addicts, felons and malingerers while ownership coughed discreetly and looked the other way 'cause attendance held steady.

Yes, I denounced, renounced and abandoned them long after they had abandoned me and the other faithful... never denied that fact!

But you never saw me sitting in my TV recliner wearing a paper bag over my head as Noo Or'luns "Ain'ts" fans did. You have derisively called them the "Detroit Pussycats" for a decade now, but those "few games" are nine in a row, and they are exciting to watch, Lions fan or not!

So, how're your Dolphins doing, Charlie?
– Dean

2. Jim Cordo said...

Enjoy Dean.

Believe me, I am... for however long it lasts! And it's why I'm rooting for the Detroit Tigers, too, which I never have before. Like a little three-sport parlay such as NYC saw at the end of the '60s with the Jets, Mets and Knicks taking it out on teams from Baltimore!

3. John Tilly said...

Lions are bouncing back nicely.

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