Kinda takes me back...

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Kinda takes me back...

Lions the time when I first started following the Lions, when the great Bobby Layne was the quarterback.

My Dad had just returned from the first nine months in Korea, and was posted to the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant at a time when two of the biggest things going for the city were the Red Wings and the Lions.

(My baseball allegiance had already been established with the Brooklyn Dodgers and the 1951 season was already over, and the Pistons still played in Fort Wayne, Indiana.)

Layne and his Highland Park (Texas) high school mate Doak Walker were the good goods, along with a number of other Lions such as Jack Christiansen and Yale Lary who ul­timately became Pro Football Hall of Famers.

Layne liked to say that in his entire playing career he never lost a game, it was a case of the clock running out before he'd completed a comeback.

He'd be smiling from his football Valhalla after the comebacks fashioned by yet another Highland Park high school player, Matt Stafford who grew up on the same street where Layne once lived.

Last week the Lions were down by 20 to the Minnesota Vikings at halftime, and this after­noon by 24 to the Dallas Cowboys in the third quarter, with both games on the opposition home field.

The franchise that in 2008 was an infamous 0-16, is now 4-0 and winner of eight straight regular season games, and the way they've done it the past two weeks reminds me of the 1957 Western Division playoff game.

Down 20 points in the third quarter to the San Franciscio 49ers, Detroit dominated the rest of the way and won 31-27, then went of to destroy the Cleveland Browns, 59-14, in the Championship game.

I'm not suggesting that anyone start reserving accommodations in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI... the Lions have yet to face the two playoff teams in their own division, the Chicago Bears and reigning champion Green Bays Packers.

It's great to see the Lions... my Lions... being competitive again.


1. EastEnd68 said...

A great story in the making – the "curse" is over and Stafford and Layne went to the same high school.

That's one curse I never believed... mostly because no one had even heard of it 'til 30-odd years had passed... and don't forget that Doak Walker went to that same high school in the Dallas area.

Both Layne and Walker could run, pass and kick... the latter led the league in scoring twice in his six year career. All the place kickers and punters were position players in those days.
– Dean

2. Mrs Genetics said...

One of the three best Cowboys games I've ever seen, the other two being the 0-44 loss to the Bears in '85 and Romo's muffed hold for the game-winning field goal vs Seattle in '07.

Someone after my own black heart! Being a "Black 'n' Blue" Division fan, I kinda enjoyed the NFL Championship games of '66 and '67, and Super Bowls V and X, and later deemed the franchise offensive after it branded itself "America's Team."
– Dean

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