San Gennaro East

Sunday, October 02, 2011

San Gennaro East

Forty years ago we used to joke that if Rocky Point was the "Italian Alps" of Long Island, then Hampton Bays was the "Italian seashore," Portofino to the Cortina d'Ampezzo of the North Shore.

I hadn't thought of that in decades 'til this weekend when a Feast of San Gennaro debuted on Good Ground Road yesterday and today.


A thought hit me like a Mario Puzo thunder­bolt: "good Italian sausage!"

When I mentioned this to Jeanne... who had resided in Hampton Bays in a prior life... she agreed that we needed to go, and that Scotto's would almost certain be a vendor there.

"Good Italian sausage? Scotto's is the best I've ever had!"

In truth, it was good... and popular! At 2:15 pm we were almost shut out after a ten minute wait in line at the stand, and just as we are about to be turned away, reinforcements arrrived from the store.

It was pricy as well... $7.00 for sausage, onions and peppers on a 3/4-length hero. I don't know whether this is their standard, or they were taking advantage of the fact that they were the only such vendor there and there certainly was a demand!

We polished the sandwiches off with some zeppoles... six for $5.00... from a stand advertising Funnel Cake. Hey!, it's all fried dough and we splurged... moderately.

The "feast" drew good crowds, with a prepond­erance of the colors red, white and green as well as biker black on display.

The music we heard was almost uniformly terrible, with the singers in one rock 'n' roll cover band painfully offkey throughout and the young female lead seeming to hit a correct note pretty much as an afterthought.

(They were using Southampton Town's mobile stage and didn't have monitors in place which had to be the main prob­lem... they couldn't hear themselves.)

In all, it was fun, and a promising event for the first time out.


1. 1340 said...

The music did leave something to be desired for sure!! But Simone did a great job for what I hope becomes annual event.

Me too... it should.

2. Jackie said...

Congratulations and thank you to Scotto's and all who worked so tirelessly to make what this seems like a huge success! The food was fabulous and so happy to see the food sell out so quickly and be replenished soon thereafter. North One Steakhouse, Oakland's, TR's, Squiretown, Shuckers, Sundays On the Bay & Scotto's- great job! Would have liked to seen Boccacini represented! The fire dept had the best dogs & burgers! The Billy Joel music on Sunday was incredible. So nice to see the town packed this weekend, especially since it's the off seaason. Hopefully the businesses on Main St. did just as well. They deserve it. Hope this will be an annual event. Super time was had and congratulations and thank you, again!

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