The real Boss of basabool...

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The real Boss of basabool...

...isn't Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig, but whatever outlet that happens to be tele­vising a game... the game... any game.

What happened last night with the opening game of the American League Division Series between the Detroits and the New Yorks, is a disgrace!

Scenario: the Tigers score a run in the top of the first, and the Yankees match it without a hit in the bottom half of the inning.

The visitors are retired in the top of the second in pouring rain, so heavy that at 9:07 pm play is halted before the home team takes the field.

With the dirt on the mound and around home plate of Yankee Stadium turning into a swamp, at 10:22 pm with no signs of the rain abating for hours, the game was officially suspended

Well, until the rule was changed for post-season play several years ago, last night's game would have figuratively been washed away as well, and today's game would have started from scratch: first inning, 0-0 score, and the Tigers coming to bat.

That's they way it's always been done during the regular season, no longer in the playoffs or World's Serious.

No big deal?

BIG deal! Each team had their aces starting last evening... why in the age of high tech weather forecasting...

(Major League officials declined to reveal to which weather service they subscribe.)

...the games were even allowed to start is another cogent question... and now those aces are shot 'til Game 2 tomorrow, perhaps Game 3 on Monday.

In a best three-of-five series such as the Division Series, this is especially critical, and a team's manager will adjust his end of regular season rotation to assure that his ace is available with proper rest for at least two of the five games.

Now what?

The match-up between Detroit's Justin Verland­er, a 24-game winner and the prohibitive favorite for this year's American League Cy Young Award and perhaps Most Valuable Player, and New York's 19-game winner C.C. Sabathia was a "dream" one, and a probable double meeting if the series was to go four or five games.

Not no mo'!

At 8:37 pm this evening when Game One is "resumed," Detroit's Doug Fister and New York's Ivan Nova will he inheriting two other pitchers' 1-1 game instead of a fresh one of their own, all in service the one-eyed boss of baseball.

And that stinks!


1. Jim Cordo said...

I agree. The decision to start that game was horrendous and definitely driven by TV concerns. 40 million dollars (a year)worth of pitchers put out of commission for the starting game and limiting them to one start (probably) in the best out of 5 series. I think the advantage goes to the Yankees (thankfully), especially with the win last night. Verlander is so good and to lose him for a game is huge. I was looking forward to watching him pitch.

PS: regarding a recent post of yours, A-Rod dropped Boras last year for what its worth. He is signed till he is 42.

Thanks, Jimbo... I wasn't current with the Boras situation. That's a guy who better never cross against the green if I'm behind a wheel near by!

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