Everyone's doing it...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone's doing it...

... and getting away with it like election laws are for "other people."

This isn't about the anonymous mail campaign against me during (and after) this year's Village election, but an unidentified automated 'phone campaign talking about "High Tax Bellone," Democratic candidate for Suffolk County Executive.

Included are none of the required identifiers or disclaimers from the calling number (631) 320-3517, which when you dial, gets a recorded intercept saying....

"The magicJack customer you have called is not available."

This is a clear and purposeful violation of Election Law, but who will do anything about it?

At the very least, will Steve Bellone's opponent, Angie Carpenter, even bother to denounce it?

Will Bellone?


1. Crabby said...

Yeah, the latest larger campaign ads all seem to be directed to "avoiding higher taxes."

But is there anything in the works except the sunset of the very wealthy Bush tax breaks the Republicans seem so enamored of?

Today we pay even higher health care costs (did you read about the 9% health insurance increase) "which may as well be a tax" by us, as our employers pass the costs on? Plus, we get less care for paying more? What planet is Congress on?

Gimme the national public health option, please.

I'm tired of paying fifteen to thirty cents of my health care dollar into profit-sucking stockholders. (Medicare, btw, takes three cents out of the same dollar instead.)

Gouged at the pump or with home heating oil, there's another "tax" since the Iraqi war was created. We're talking over a 200% increase in costs at a time salaries are flat or folks are being laid off. How much money is left for "disposable" income? None, you idiots! Take a look around your neighborhood at the for sale signs sprouting like campaign graffiti.

Then, instead of forging compromises, we have slimy creeps without identities or scruples trying to brainwash us in our homes, from this Village to the national level.

Speir, you were the victim of this crap.

If Election Laws are to be upheld, who is responsible to ferret out the slugs?

How do you stop it? Do you want help, or what? This behavior cannot be tolerated, for to tolerate it is tantamount to condoning it.

You may be a PIA, but your ethics are beyond question. Anyone who doubts that should contact the Village and ask about the plaque you received for ten+ exemplary years, six chairing the Zoning Board, (check his record,) then continue to check all the way up to the Federal Government, which issued you the highly secure FFL -- when, thirty years ago? And upon recent scrutiny, you still possess?


There's too much here to address other than to observe that people, and the Village, get what they deserve.

2. Crabby said...

I disagree. Certainly, the despicable mugging you took, while still standing honorably during the last election has to have discouraged you. "Congratulations! you were selected the sacrificial poster dude by Dirtbags Anonymous," and one has wonder. How very convenient it was for the opposing party. So if you don't want to address the entire comment, fine, let's just cut to the chase. You know this administrative gobbldygook. It takes a Village, heh heh.... Given: Hundreds of folks still voted for you -- it's not like you got three votes. Therefore: You've got a lot of good folks here in the Village who are incensed with this abhorrent, illegal behavior, and should not suffer the consequences of out-of-Village voter pod people taking over. Honor starts with us. To whom do we register a complaint? How do we get an investigation initiated?

You don't...... it's old news, #1, and, #2, the people of Westhampton Beach will get what they deserve.

My father (1910-1956) was apparently right about the people of this Village. "They're small," he used to say, which I never understood 'til I was much older, and didn't begin to agree with 'til about 25 years ago.
– Dean

3. Crabby said...

I can't STAND it!

If you let them roll over you, you are no "bigger" than they are. Martyrdom does not become you, and the last I saw you you bore no resemblance to JC. Well, except for the beard....

I sure as hell don't want to put up with this crap.

Look, Crabby, I sense you are upset, but they didn't "roll over" me so much as they rolled over some morons who gave any credence to what they wrote. I can't do anything about that, #1, and, #2, I'm no martyr, so get off it.

So, wanna do something? Draft a candidate and run him or her next June.

4. Crabby said...


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