ABC returns to The Hamptons

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ABC returns to The Hamptons

Breathes there a soul locally who recalls ABC network's initial foray onto the South Fork with a 1983 "Summer replacement" show entitled, of course, "The Hamptons."

(That it only lasted five episodes gives one a sense of how well received it was.)

OtBB has offered some pointed commentary about TV's current Hamptons-based series, "Royal Pains," and for all that it is or isn't, at least its producers know how to spell "Southampton."

(Psssst! It's not two words!)

"Revenge" 2011-2012 title art

Not so with this Fall's "Revenge," which probably should have been called "The Countess of Gin Lane" so closely does the story follow a gender-bent version of Alexander Dumas' oft-filmed 1844 literary classic, "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo."

While the Cable USA series, which concluded its third season a month ago, shoots the bulk of its exteriors in Nassau County, each year there are more and more actual Hamptons' locations on display there than on ABC!

(And Episode 3.1 actually features a wooden Indian-esque cameo by South­ampton Village Mayor Mark Epley!)

It's obvious looking at the exteriors in last week's premiere and tonight's show, that none of the show was shot on Long Island much less the South Fork! The cliffs above the beach are way too steep for anything other than parts of the North Shore, and the surf line has boulders the size of medicine balls.

Never mind the yacht parties, the bed-hopping, the polo-playing, the charitable social functions, the whole show was made in North Carolina (Wilmington) and, where else!, California.

Madeleine Stowe

Not that the first two shows have been devoid of interest... the villainous "Baron Danglars" role is icily filled by stunning Madeleine Stowe... and with no disrespect to the lady from Quogue, it looks like the Producers couldn't sign Susan Lucci to play "Victoria Grayson."

(Pop History Note: Stowe once starred opposite Kevin Kostner in a 1990 film also entitled "Revenge.")

Emily Vancamp

In the victimized "Edmond Dantès" role, the  comely Emily VanCamp is the seeming "new gal" in town "Emily Thorne."

In reality she is little "Amanda Clarke," all grown up after a jail term for an unspecified charge and presumably unrecog­nizable as the 8-year-old daughter of the man a number of people, led by society queen "Grayson," screwed over with false evidence and perjured testimony which sent him to prison for life.

"Revenge" is not destined to become a Wed­nesday evening regular chez Speir, certainly not while there's so much good fare on BBC America, but the women are eminently watch­able and, more importantly, I felt it OtBB's obligation to report on what sort of sport TV is making of The Hamptons.

And now you know....


1. Mrs Genetics said...

"The Countess of Gin Lane" vs "The Empress of Oneck." Hmmmmm.

Nah... "Victoria Grayson" is 20 years younger, damned attractive and seems to have almost unlimited wealth.

The biggest difference is that when she turns on the charm, she's fairly believable. Ever seen "the Empress" in action?

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Emily VanCamp had a prominent role on "Brothers and Sisters" which aired on ABC on Sunday nights and finished its long run at the end of last season. It is a delight to see her starring in a show of her own this season. The architecture in "Revenge," resembles the East End but the shoreline does not. The story is about a child whose father was raising her after her mother died. But he was betrayed by so-called friends and framed for a crime that gave him life in prison. Emily knows who the Judas goats are but they don't recognize her as an adult. The last time they saw her she was a little girl. I don't recall that she had a jail term herself. Where did you see that?

Wasn't familiar her the earlier show... not a lot on ABC I watch since "Taxi" and "Barney Miller."

There was a brief flashback sequence that showed the VanCamp character (as a brunette) being released from the pokey and met by the Mann character.

You'll need to stay alert since there's flashbacks and flashforwards used in the narrative.

3. Hampton West said...

Was Weekend at Bernie's filmed locally? I re-call some of it (or all) was also Wilmington NC.

Not a single frame was exposed locally! It too shot North Carolina for the South Fork.

Although the movie (and it's sequel) were set in "The Hamptons" (referred to as "Hampton Island" in the script), the closest to Long Island of any actual shooting was New York City for both movies.

Not for nuthin', but the sequel actually shot St. John and St. Thomas for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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