Mother of Mercy, is this the end...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mother of Mercy, is this the end...

Nancy and her favorite herb

...of "Nancy Botwin," arguably the most amoral mommy in the history of series (cable) television?

Last evening saw the seventh season finale of Showtime's "Weeds," and anyone who thought HBO's "The Sopranos" finale was ambiguous, should have seen this!

Instead of "The Lady or The Tiger," it was "Mommy Dearest or The Sniper."

And it was perfect!

Botwin extended family gathering

In the bushes overlooking this al fresco moment in the newly-formed extended Botwin family is an unidentified person from Nancy's convoluted past, finger on the trigger of a telescoped rifle with its crosshairs trained on her chest... fade-to-black with the sound of a gunshot.

Whether this was the last show in the series, or just a "Who shot Nancy?" bridge to season eight, doesn't matter... though there are plenty of suspects with reasons a-plenty to provide fodder for the faithful to masticate.

(And Nancy Botwin is exponentially better looking than J.R. Ewing, as well as heroic to those with an archly feminist bent!)

And to those with another sensibility, we can overlook much of her blighted character for the simple, and shallow, reason is that the actress playing her is so damned attractive.

(Read "Hot!")

Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker, among other things, possesses the most extraordinary obsid­ian eyes which sometimes seem to be a source of light.

But more than her obvious physical appeal, she ranks with Julianne Moore, Jen­nifer Jason Leigh and Laura Linney in quality and fearlessness in the next class of actresses who've come up behind Meryl Streep.

Like Moore she started her career in a TV "soap" and had been around for awhile, but it was her recurring role as "Amy Gardner" on NBC's "The West Wing" which first caught my eye... which eye has been on her ever since.

And while "Weeds" has routinely "jumped the shark" over the past two seasons, Parker and Leigh (in the recurring role of her sister), Elizabeth Perkins, Mathew Modine et al somehow managed to keep it interesting.

I won't spend any time fretting over who shot Nancy or whether the series will be back... this week really was the way for it to resolve.

But I'll kinda miss Mary Louise Parker if this really was the end.

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1. Frank Wheeler said...

Now seriously, how many people do you think will get that you're quoting from an 80-year-old movie with your title for this?

Well, you did, so that makes me pleased.

2. Rob F. said...

Me too! Me too!

I had every confidence that you would....

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