'Edge' updates

Monday, September 26, 2011

'Edge' updates

While it's still more than six hours to kick-off for the Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys NFL game, Quarterback Tony Romo is insisting that he's "good to go."

That was before Sunday's "walk-through" (no hitting or full-tilt running) practice.

While the league office formally lists Romo as "questionable" with "Limited Participation in Practice," he has been fitted for a Kevlar vest to protect his ribs and seems ready to give it the ol' college try at the pro level.

The problem with Kevlar vests, aside from reducing the mobility of the player, is that they are designed to prevent penetration by most handgun ammunition and backface signature injury has always been a problem... and that's what will result from impact by a blitzing defender.

Read: how long will the quarterback be able to play?

The answer is heavily dependent on how well the Dallas offensive line protects Romo on pass plays.

The Kabot Question

Today, the "Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor" headline is back in a reasonably prominent position on the 27East home page.

No further information is available, and no inferences should be drawn.


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