Sunday, September 25, 2011



Three games into the 2011 NFL season, and the Detroit Lions... my Detroit Lions... are 3-0, having beaten the Vikings in Minne­sota for the first time since 1997!

(And I don't want any grief from ol' turd-in-the-punch-bowl Johnny Romo remind­ing me that three years ago I forswore the team my cousin Charlie calls the "Pussycats!"

New information requires new thinking!)

It was an exciting game, so much so that following the New York Giants come-from-behind win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Fox went to the Lions/Vikings game and stayed with it through to Jason Hanson's 32-yard field goal two minutes into "sudden death"{sic} overtime.

It was exciting in the extreme!

The Lions... my Lions... were down 0-20 early in the 3rd quarter, and dominated the game from that point forward.

Especially exciting was a brilliant 40-yard catch made in overtime by wide receiver Calvin Johnson to set up Hanson's winning kick.

Full props to my son-in-heir Colin for re­assur­ing me, when after years of wasting their top picks on drug abusers and non-achievers, the Lions selected Johnson, a young receiver out of Georgia Tech, second overall in the 2007 NFL Draft.

"He's going to make you go 'Wow!"

(Top pick that year, by the Oakland Raiders, was JaMarcus Russell, and where is he now?)

So I am cautiously enthused about a team that hasn't given anyone much about which to be optimistic for a very long time!

And no, I haven't forgotten the 1956 Lions team which began their 12 game schedule with six straight wins... and finished one-half game behind the Chicago Bears at the end of the season.

Feeling good right now, is all.


1. Jeanne Speir said...

May your Lions roar, my dear.

Although, as attested to by Johnny Romo and this very blog, I seem to recall a, "I'm through rooting for dese bums" moment....

As they used to say in the old courtroom dramas, "Asked and answered." And almost by definition, "dese bums" can only refer to the Brooklyn Dodgers/Superbas/Trolley Dodgers/Robins (1890-1957)!

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