Speaking of 'the edge...'

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speaking of 'the edge...'

...an early indication of just which candidate for Supervisor The Southampton Press may favor, look no further than their 27East Website.

Three days following her an­nouncement that she would again be running, as a write-in, for the office she held 'til her Labor Day 2009 mis­adventures in Westhampton Beach did her in, Linda Kabot's campaign is apparently "old news" as far as the Editors are concerned.

Informed by an OtBB reader of the heavy support for Ms. Kabot's late entry into the race based on the number of positive comments appended to the 27East report, when I went on-line to read them, any reference to the article had disappeared from the "home" page.

A site search of the name "Kabot" yielded 514 "hits," but refining it with a Boolean search... i.e. both "Kabot + write-in" and "Kabot AND write-in" ...rendered "No results."

(Plain ol' "write-in" returned a three year old photo of Elyse Richman.)

Now the story is still there, but unless one has the direct link, one is unlikely to find it... one has to click to the third level of read all news to find it.

(Not so with "J. Lo Reported To Be Buying In The Hamptons," a real "stop the presses, replate the front page" item!)

Is there something sinister afoot?

Dunno... nor do I know if one of the wheels fell off in The Press News Group's Web server, effectively disabling the advanced search functions.

Jus' sayin'....


1. Frank Wheeler said...

What sort of cop-out is "Jus' sayin'…?" This is a non-story that you're trying to get people stirred up over!

Sorry you feel that way. I observe, I report... and many times I comment. Get over it!

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