Are they serious in St. Louis?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Are they serious in St. Louis?

I just had an opportunity to watch cable SNY's "Encore" showing of yesterday's Cards-Mets game in which the New Yorkers managed a six-run 9th inning comeback that for all intents and purposes, stuck a splintered bat into the St. Louis' chances of over-taking the Atlanta Braves for the National League's play-off hopes.

Leading 6-2 in the top of the 9th, one had to like St. Louis' chances... the last time the Mets rallied from anything like that, Felix Millan was playing Second Base.

Felix Millan

(Felix Millan?! That was almost 40 years ago, for the love of Charles Dillon Stengel!)

While neither a Mets nor a Cards fan, I respect the team from Missouri as one of the original eight, that they have a proud tradition and a snappy-looking white with red home uniform.

Full length look at current St. Louis Cardinals home uniforms

Or at least I was under that impression 'til yesterday's game when I got a full-length look at the uniform worn by Cards' closer Jason Motte!

Now virtually all of the players on the St. Louis roster wear their uniform pants so that the end of the leg breaks across the top of their shoe, a popular style throughout the Major Leagues... the New York Yankees Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson being two notable exceptions.

Lower half of the St. Louis Cardinals home uniform

Honest to Stan Musial, it's scant wonder that the rest of the Cards wear their uniforms long!

That color scheme and pattern makes any player who displays their sox to the knee, look like they're trying out for a remake of "The Wizard of Oz," but never got the word that "Munchkins" are all "little people."

They are the ugliest baseball uniform sox I've seen!


1. Hampton West said...

Some of the Giants wear a similar sock - Barry Zito in particular, occasionally Keppinger; I don't think the NY Giants wearing anything like this, they went to the Halloween oranger and black in the early 1940s but I've never seen these socks on any old baseball cards or anything else (think the Giants had light blue and white caps in the 1930s, not sure (those old colorized Carl Hubell carfds have them.) Anyway - I agree, they look weird!

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