Con$umer Ga$oline Advi$ory +2

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Con$umer Ga$oline Advi$ory +2

...with the "+2" part referring to the two months since OtBB last compared pump prices in the area.

It having been the middle of the Summer, prices had been continuing to rise when I did a quick survey of area gas stations to discover just what drivers were being charged.


Well, Summer's over, and gasoline prices have decreased... not, however, as dramatically as when they shoot upward.

Three weeks into July, the posted costs for Regular Unleaded were:

Gasoline Prices at the Pump: 07/21/2011
Brand/Location Cash Plastic
Valero, Eastport     $3.919/gal. $4.019/gal.
Woodie's, Speonk $4.119/gal. $4.219/gal.
Valero, Riverside $3.959/gal. $4.059/gal.
Valero, WHB $3.999/gal. $4.159/gal.
Hess, Quogue $3.979/gal. $3.979/gal.

Yesterday, the same stations, less the River­side Valero but including the Hess Express on Wading River Road, were:

Gasoline Prices at the Pump: 09/21/2011
Brand/Location Cash Plastic
Hess, Exit 59 $3.859/gal. $3.859/gal.
Valero, Eastport     $3.699/gal. $3.799/gal.
Woodie's, Speonk $3.999/gal. $4.099/gal.
Valero, WHB $3.899/gal. $4.099/gal.
Hess, Quogue $3.899/gal. $3.899/gal.

The biggest drop was 22¢/gallon at the East­port Valero which continues to do a brisk business despite its isolated location.

More intriguing: the cash price at the local Valero is now identical to the uniform price in Quogue. Two months ago, there was 2¢/gallon difference, and earlier, there was a more marked difference.

Traffic Ciontrol Sign: No Left Turn

But for those grappling with the timeless question of whether to risk making an illegal left hand turn from the Sunrise Exit onto County Road 51 or to wend around an extendeded route half way to East Moriches just to obey all traffic signs and get to the Valero station before running out of gas, this is no longer an issue.

Or at least, not at this time... that sign on Moriches-Riverhead Road is gone! Not knocked over as it had been for a time several years ago, just gone!

It is a welcomed subtraction from from the Eastport/East Moriches hamlet-scape, and I hestitate to mention it for fear that the Brookhaven Town Highway Department hasn't realized it's missing.


1. Michael Jacobs said...

Valero at the circle in Riverhead/Riverside $3.799/gal. with Valero plastic or cash.

Thanks, Michael... hadn't been through there the day I collected the data, so didn't include that one.

2. Crabby said...

IF: The Price Per Barrel (PPB) is now about $79.00. Please realize that's half the max PPB of $147.27 we were subjected to in July, 2008.

THEN: WHY are we paying so much? Could it be that meeting Cheney had with the oil barons post 9-11? Check out the linked graph at Oil Price History.

Don't Talk to ME about not raising taxes on millionaires and closing loopholes -- when our Republican "leadership?" has allowed the gouging of every American at the pump, at the health insurer's door (15-30% skimmed off the top of every health care dollar instead of the Medicare overhead of 3%); not after Americans bailed out savings and loans, then banks, and watched hedge fund guys and attorneys and evil businessmen get away with felonious behavior.

I dunno, Crabby... do you have any documentation of this "meeting Cheney had with the oil barons post 9-11?"

3. Hampton West said...

Went to the Hess in Quogue today - always better than the thieves on Old Riverhead Road and Montauk Highway - thanks for the update.

"Thieves?" Sharp businessmen would be more appropriate... that's what happens when one is the only game in town, or in this case, Village.

Notice though, that the local Valero's pump prices are now more in line with others in the surrounding area... not that OtBB had anything to do with that. Jus' sayin'.

4. Crabby said...

Actually, it appears the meetings started before 9-11. Still secret, tho'.

Further, from Wiki:

On July 18, 2007, the Washington Post reported the names of those involved in the Task Force, including at least 40 meetings with interest groups, most of them from energy-producing industries. Among those in the meetings were James J. Rouse, then vice president of Exxon Mobil and a major donor to the Bush inauguration; Kenneth L. Lay, then head of Enron Corp.; Jack N. Gerard, then with the National Mining Association; Red Cavaney, president of the American Petroleum Institute; and Eli Bebout, an old friend of Cheney's from Wyoming who serves in the state Senate and owns an oil and drilling company.
It's time to let the sun "set" on those tax breaks. Look around you. How many folks do you know who are unemployed? Yeah, lots of them. So much for millionaire tax breaks stimulating the economy.

It's simply corporate welfare -- our "hidden" taxes are diverted to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It's simply a larger scale version of the local police diverting PAL funds to pay lawyers.

There's too much greed, and too little sense.

Use MY taxes to fix my roads and hospitals and health, and put my friends to work. Please.
Fair enough… although anything "Wiki" is too often a dubious source of verifiaable information.

5. Jim Cordo said...

Maybe it is time to start comparing fuel oil prices. It seems if you take a service contract for 'free' from a fuel company, the oil you are then obligated to buy is very expensive. I have a separate service contract that I pay for which leaves me the option of buying oil from anybody I choose on the open market. I am aware of people who pay over 50¢ a gallon more then me because of their 'free' zontract. An oil burner service contract for my home, two zones, including service for the water system (extra)is about $325/year from Burner King. The average oil use on Long Island is from 750-1000 gallons per year for small house.

If you do the math, its a no-brainer.

This is a very timely tip, Jimbo... I just did the math, and you're right! I'll be on top of this one!
– Dean

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